Happy 61st Birthday Brian!

Recently Chris received the news that her husband Brian had passed away suddenly at his home near Halifax. We were still traveling across northern Ontario at the time and this past week has been a bit of a blur. Chris flew to Nova Scotia from Sault Ste Marie last Thursday and I continued on to Kincardine, Ontario for a few days where we left Phaeton Place on my brother in law’s farm.

I spent this past Thursday with family in Hanover and then headed for Nova Scotia on Friday morning in the Vue. Phaeton Place is all locked up with the slides in. I drove just under 2000 km in two days. I managed to get east of Montreal on Friday evening and pushed right through from St Helene, QC along Hwy 2, all the way to Kingston, Nova Scotia on Saturday, arriving around 8:30 pm. Teddy traveled very well and alternated his travel position from his cage which was in the back seat to laying on the passenger seat to keep me company. I thought about perhaps taking the St John/Digby ferry across the Bay of Fundy instead of driving around into Nova Scotia but wasn’t sure if Teddy would have to stay in his cage in the Vue during the crossing. Better safe than sorry, so drive the restof the way……why not! Teddy slept most of the way and really enjoyed his stretch breaks every couple of hours. The weather was great all the way through New Brunswick and on into Nova Scotia. Interestingly enough after our trip across northern Ontario last week with absolutely no cell service at all, I had great reception all the way from Kincardine, ON to Kingston, NS. Even in the wilds of New Brunswick I had no less than four bars. Telus has to do a better job across Manitoba and northern Ontario.

Sarah, Sarah & Brian

We enjoyed spending Sunday morning with Chris’s parents in Kingston. Boy was it ever humid in the Annapolis Valley. I volunteered to cut the grass before we left and had quite the workout. The grass was longer than usual because of all the rain but the lawnmower started with a little coaxing whenever it choked on the long grass. Kingston was a great getaway for Chris & Sarah after dealing with the funeral, cremation, etc. We all headed back to Halifax after lunch and now have the difficult task of clearing out Brian’s things and putting the house up for sale. Lots of fixing and disposing of things in the coming weeks trying to spruce up the house and property. Its never easy dealing with an estate. Chris is the executor and has her work cut out for her in the coming months. Looks like we’ll be in Nova Scotia until September for sure.

Today’s photo is another from Matt & Sarah’s wedding in Punta Cana last summer. Sarah, Sarah and Brian all spiffed up for the big day. What a great day that was. We are all going out for supper tonight at Brian’s favorite restaurant to celebrate his birthday.

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