Letting Sleeping Dogs Lay

Friday was another busy day sorting through all the stuff in this house. Thankfully, the sun has been shining for most of our time here so piling stuff outside before removing it permanently works pretty well and gives us room to move inside the house too. I’ve lost track of the number of trips we’ve made to Value Village in Dartmouth and to the bottle depot. We were at both places again yesterday and will likely have a few more trips coming.

Brian’s sister, Wendy, left around noon yesterday with a car full of keepsakes heading for home in Moncton. We had a great visit and Teddy really enjoyed the two days of rough housing with her dog Jed. He is still pooped after being on the go almost nonstop. Teddy received a badly needed bath Friday afternoon and then as you can see in the first photo, joined me for a snooze on the couch. (I wasn’t really sleeping…..just resting my eyes)

Thankfully all the junk we put out at the curb for garbage day on Thursday went without any fuss from the collection crew. We also had one of those huge woven nylon bags with the big straps for removing household renovation debris placed at the curb and it was loaded with old carpets, appliances, etc. It cost over $200 to have it picked up and we weren’t sure they would take everything we had thrown in it, but when we arrived home Thursday evening it was gone and the end of the driveway is now completely clear of obstructions.

We met Joe and Debbie for supper at a Chinese restaurant they like in Eastern Passage last night. The food was great and very plentiful. I’m sure their son Danny will enjoy a huge amount of leftovers. We arrived back at the lake after 9 pm and fell into bed, too exhausted for even a sit in the hot tub. Chris is heading down to Kingston to see her parents for the weekend while I continue to wade through everything here.

I grabbed this last shot of Teddy and Chris still snoozing as the sun started peaking in through the window this morning. Teddy had been outside to do his business after sleeping the night in his cage but enjoys a snuggle in the morning afterwards.