Martinique Beach Provincial Park

We both took today as a badly needed rest day here at Lake Echo. Dan & I removed all the old parquet flooring from the dining and family room floors with hammers and pry bars yesterday. It was a tough job that took almost four hours of hammering because the flooring was glued down very well in places. The good thing is that the sub floor appears to be in good shape for when the new laminate flooring goes in on Tuesday. We’ve got half a dozen trash bins loaded with old parquet flooring ready for next week’s trash day on Thursday. Because of hurricane Irene, I’ve decided to leave the bins inside until after the storm blows over late tomorrow. No point in adding extra weight to the bins if they fill with water.

So our rest day included a drive out to Martinique Beach Provincial Park near Musquodoboit Harbour along Hwy 7 about half an hour from Lake Echo. We enjoyed a great stroll along the beach. It was bit foggy at first but the fog eventually burned off and it was a beautiful day. Teddy had a blast running in the surf. One minute he was all brave and rushing head long into the water. The next minute a small wave rolling slowly across the sandy beach was enough to make him back up, almost like he was afraid to get his feet wet. We wandered around for about an hour. The park was unusually busy because of a lifeguard competition. The road into the park is a single lane dirt road with parking permitted in some places along the side of the road, staggering from right side to left side, and alternating from side to side as you get farther into the park. We went right to the end of the road and found a place to park without any problems.

On the way out though, traffic was jammed up solid because motorists coming into the park were not patient enough to let vehicles leaving the park properly exit and free up some parking places. After sitting for about 10 minutes and watching no one going anywhere, in or out, I had had enough. The traffic cop in me took over and I had cars just arriving start backing up so they could turn around and exit the park. A few complained but most people were nice and cooperated fully. Anyway, an hour later and we were finally on our way. I’ve never seen such foolishness. A few inconsiderate drivers who insisted on coming in on a very narrow road despite seeing exiting traffic on the road in front and traffic chaos ensued in rural Nova Scotia. Unfreaking believable!

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  1. Judy August 29, 2011 at 8:46 pm #

    What a beautiful picture.