Boy…..where to begin this post.

We’ve been going non stop at Lake Echo. Dan and I spent a day ripping up the old parquet flooring in the dining room and family room in preparation for some new laminate that was supposed to be installed on Monday. Turns out there was some water damage and dry rot at the base of the patio door which the installers said should be repaired first. We were in a bit of a quandary because a new patio door would be at least six weeks for delivery and we certainly couldn’t leave repairs until a new door had arrived. Dan and I opted to remove the door anyway so we could get going on repairing the sub floor. Once we got the door out it was plainly obvious that the water damage was quite extensive. We wound up having to remove a portion of the flooring immediately in front of the patio door and then also had to extend that downward under the deck and remove a complete piece of the outer stud wall, siding, insulation, everything as it was sopping wet and basically mush.

A pretty big job but we managed to locate a new patio door at Kent’s in Dartmouth and are having it delivered today. We covered up the opening with some tarpaulin for last night and slept without issues. Dan & Joy are busy rebuilding the outer wall, flooring, etc so hopefully we’ll have a new door in place later today or tomorrow. We’ve delayed the flooring installation until next week.

Tomorrow is garbage day in Lake Echo and I’m just hoping they’ll take everything I’ve put at the curb. Might have to meet the truck in the morning and grease the rails if you know what I mean. Still lots to keep us busy and out of trouble.

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  1. Erin August 31, 2011 at 7:00 pm #

    It’s never pleasant to have a project get derailed, but better to fix the problem first even if it means more work. It pays off in the end.