We Are Still Working!

The beat goes on here at Lake Echo. Still busy hauling out the junk and driving into Value Village. Our evening ritual usually includes a burn session in front of the chimenea in the back yard where we can safely burn paper products from the house without risking damage to the local forest. A forest fire rolled through this area some years ago and came very close to the neighborhood so we are very careful with what we burn. Don’t want any flying embers or sparks getting away on us.

The painting and tiling continues upstairs in the bedrooms and bathroom. We have also ordered a new patio door and a large basement window to replace the ones currently installed. It will take six weeks to get the door and window so the installation will definitely be done after we are back in Ontario but Dan has offered to look after that hiccup for us. The flooring guy also came in today and we have new lino and laminate floor on order for the main floor family, dining, kitchen and bathroom as well as the laundry room upstairs. All flooring will be installed next week so we’ll be busy this weekend prepping the main floor by ripping up the old parquet flooring. More junk to go to the curb on next week’s trash day. Oh well.

We enjoyed a nice lunch out at John’s on Pleasant St after dropping a load at Value Village. The best haddock tips and fries we have had since arriving in this area. John’s isn’t much to look at and Chris says it hasn’t changed much over the years but judging from the amount of people we saw coming and going today, it is a very popular Dartmouth eatery.

Tomorrow is trash recycling day so I spent most of yesterday loading up recycling bags contents from the garden shed. I stacked up at least fifty planter pots and we must have bagged several hundred pieces of recyclable plastic and glass containers. We’ve even used some of our neighbor’s bag entitlement again so we are just hoping it all goes in the morning.

Today is Sarah’s birthday in Leduc, Alberta. Happy birthday to the mouse!