Back in Ontario!

Our apologies for the lack of posts recently but we were under a bit of a time crunch trying to get the house in Lake Echo in top shape for listing purposes prior to our Sept 17th departure. The last week or so was a flurry of masking, painting, patching, cleaning and general touch ups both inside and out. Dan and I managed to get most of the main floor walls as well as the entire stairwell painted which really spruced things up nicely. Greg, our neighbor also kindly loaned me his brad nail gun and compressor which made replacing all the floor trim almost child’s play after the new floor was installed in the laundry, kitchen, dining, family and main floor bathrooms. I had to chase after the flooring company to redo several of the threshold moldings leading out of the family room onto the hardwood floor but the guys came back and did the job properly. It also took a bit of searching to finally locate an almond colored 48″ electric baseboard heater in Dartmouth but Dan eventually tracked one down at Kent Hardware. I didn’t have a chance to grab too many photos of the work we were doing but did manage this one shot of the family room showing the new laminate flooring as well as the new patio door. A huge improvement over what was there before.

Chris and Teddy spent their last few days in Nova Scotia visiting Chris’s parents in Greenwood. They were back in Lake Echo by noon on Saturday and we had the Vue all loaded up before hitting the road by about 3 pm. We overnighted with Wendy in Salisbury, NB. She and John put on a wonderful BBQ supper with lemon meringue pie for dessert. We were on the road early Sunday and stopped at the Irving Big Stop in Fredericton, NB to meet Jilanna for breakfast. From there it was back into the car for a day long drive to the Quality Inn in Drummondville, QC. We went in there cold and found it to be a great spot as well as being very pet friendly. They even provided Teddy with a large padded pillow bed and his own food and water bowls.

We continued on into Ottawa on Monday and are here for 4 days getting our medical and dental appointments sorted out. We tried the Welcominns near St Laurent mall for the first time. It is right next to the QEW so there is quite a bit of traffic noise during rush hour but the room is clean, the price is right and we have a ground floor outside entry which makes it easy to take Teddy out for his walks.

My medical is over and done now with no real surprises. We enjoyed a nice walk along the Ottawa river with Teddy this morning. He had a blast checking out the trail and the edge of the river. Temps are still in the 20sC for the rest of the week so sandals and shorts are still the preferred order of dress but I suspect it won’t be long before we have to breakout the long pants, shoes and socks. Time will tell.

On the future planning front, I managed to reserve a getaway cabin at Thousand Trails Orlando for the kids over Christmas break so we are looking forward to a nice visit with the four of them. This will be our first Christmas with everyone together.

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  1. Jim and Jane September 21, 2011 at 2:08 am #

    Well done you two, must be a huge relief to be finaly out of the house, and “almost” back into Phaeton Place. Our love to both.