Kincardine, Ontario

Well lets see…..Earlier this month, we were in Ottawa looking after medical and dental appointments for a few days after returning from Nova Scotia before heading for Picton and Prince Edward County to spend a couple of days on the Bay of Quinte as guests of our friends Henry and Heather.  We spent two very enjoyable nights in their cottage overlooking the bay and  had a great day of boating and fishing as well.  The weather was perfect and while we didn’t actually catch any fish, we sure gave it the old college try.  On our final morning in Picton area, we visited Sandbanks Provincial Park and had great fun climbing about the many sand dunes.  We also drove through some of the camping areas and were surprised to see quite a few sites that would be big enough to accommodate Phaeton Place.  Post Labor Day is classified as “Off Season” by many of the campgrounds and Provincial Parks are no different.  Lots of empty sites to  be seen as most people are now back to work and school after the summer.  We noticed quite a few monarch butterflies flitting about the sand dunes and armed with my 1D Mk IV and 24-105mm lens, I tried my best to get a good shot of one with it’s wings spread.  Let me tell you that is no easy feat with a telephoto lens.  I had to crop this shot heavily and as a result it isn’t as sharp as I would have liked, but not bad for a first effort.  Henry and Heather had this amazing birch tree in their front yard and I just couldn’t resist  a close up of the detail in the bark.

 We headed for Hanover on Sunday and also checked in on Phaeton Place. First time we have seen her in almost two months and she faired quite well while we were away.  I had left the roof fans on before leaving for Nova Scotia and the end result was a few hundred dead mosquitoes laying on the dash board and floor.  An easy clean up but also a lesson learned for next time.  We ran Phaeton Place over to the Tiffin dealer in Harriston, Ontario early this morning.  Nothing serious, just a few minor adjustments to some of the storage compartment locks and a quick reset of our HDMI splitter.  A nut had vibrated loose from one of the door lock mechanisms and dropped down inside the workings of one of our driver’s side doors.  A few minutes with a telescopic magnet retrieved the nut and a little Loctite added to the threads should keep it from coming loose again.  I had previously tried resetting the HDMI splitter 3-4 times after we lost the video signal from our DVD player on all our TVs a few months ago and all to no avail.  Our technician Paul managed to reset it properly and we are told all the TVs are again working normally.  We were out of McPhail’s RV soon after returning from a great breakfast at Suzie’s in Harriston.

The weather is definitely cooling off as fall arrives but we did managed to see a little sunshine between the rain showers today.  We’ve moved Phaeton Place into Green Acres Campground in Kincardine for a couple of weeks.  After two months on the road, it is nice to no longer be living out of a suitcase and to have all our own stuff again.  Looking forward to the kids visiting for Thanksgiving next week.