Weekend Break

Chris and I have been putting in some long hours at Lake Echo this past week, as have Dan and Joy, who have really shouldered the lions share of the painting, drywalling, painting, replacing siding and more painting. They encouraged us to enjoy a weekend away, so on Friday morning we headed off to Kingston, NS to spend a couple of nights with Chris’s parents. It was a welcome break and also afforded Chris the opportunity to sit in on the interview her dad had with the assisted living representative on Friday afternoon. Her parents have finally admitted they could use some help around the house for a few hours a week. The meeting went well and things fall into place next week.

So last Thursday, Dan & I managed to get the new patio door installed. It is a totally sealed unit which we were fortunate to find at Kent Builders. We’ve decided the siding around the door will have to be replaced as it will just be too difficult to piece together match siding. What we thought was tongue and groove cedar siding is in fact now known as barn door siding and pretty difficult to find unless we special order it. But Dan may have found a place with enough planking for our needs.

Thursday afternoon was spent digging and uncovering the access panels to the septic tank. We actually had to have a video locator service come to the house and run a camera into the sewer pipe to determine the exact location of the septic tank. Once the location was marked, Dan & I spent almost two hours digging down far enough in the lawn to expose both access panels. The septic tank was sucked out on Friday and we were told it is in fine shape.

We left Kingston after lunch today and headed back to Lake Echo. Labour Day weekend is a holiday weekend in Canada and all the stores are closed tomorrow so we picked up some supper on the way home. We arrived back at the house to find that Dan had most of the gyproc done around the inside of the patio door, just a bit of trim left to do and Joy has been toiling away at the siding under the deck. Looking very nice!

Monday will be a busy day here. More work inside while I haul all the debris in the back yard from the old patio door and siding out to the industrial trash tote bag at the curb. That will be a big job even with a wheel barrow but it has to be done. On the positive side, the new flooring can go in next week and we are almost ready to have the bedroom carpets cleaned as well. I also think the trips to Value Village may be coming to an end.


  1. Mark September 7, 2011 at 3:30 am #

    We’ve been in NS for over a month now sorting out Chris’s old house. The trip was completely unexpected. We are both tired and ready for some relaxation down south. Heading back to Ontario around Sept 17th.

  2. Jessie & Gerry September 6, 2011 at 3:24 pm #

    I hope “rotten toe”, wasn’t polluting the waters! LOL
    How the heck are you and what are you doing in N.S.??
    Looks like a beautiful place!! Really nice doggie………..