Hasta La Vista

We headed for Tillsonburg again this morning so Dr Paul could give Chris another chiropractic adjustment.  I always suspected she was maladjusted!  Just kidding.  Since seeing Dr Paul, Chris’s neck and back have been feeling much better.  While in Tillsonburg, we stopped in at a local veterinary clinic to see about some more Revolution, a flea medication.  The vet wanted to see Teddy because a prescription was required.  Turns out Teddy has not been losing his baby teeth the way he should be and his new adult teeth are not coming in properly as a result.  The only solution is a small surgical procedure to remove the baby teeth and while he is under anesthetic the vet will also neuter him…..hence the title of this post.  We were going to wait until we got to Florida for the neutering but the vet says she can do it all at one time and the little fella only has to spend one night with them before he is fully recovered.  So we have to be back in Tillsonburg on Tuesday morning and we’ll pick up Teddy on Wednesday afternoon.  We had noticed the two sets of teeth recently but thought everything was going normally and that the baby teeth would just fall out in due course, but apparently not.

We stopped at a farmer’s market on the way back into Waterloo and picked up some nice fruit and vegetables.  The covered wagon seen above was on display at the market and I think it turned out quite well in HDR.

While out for our evening walk around the campground with Teddy, we met up with Janice and her 4 month old puppy, Bowdy.  Teddy and Bowdy already know each other and love to rough house, as puppies do, so we took them both into the recreation center and let them play around inside the building.  They had a ball and I grabbed a little video with my iPhone 4.  This is my first time posting a video on WordPress so I am hoping it posted correctly.  Oddly enough, there is no video frame coming up when I make the post like there is on blogger, just the following hypertext link.  Clicking on it should run the video.  Enjoy!      Teddy & Bowdy Rough Housing