Laurel Creek Conservation Area

Monday is moving day provided everything falls into place for us.  We’ve decided to pack up from our spot in Green Acre Park a day early and head towards London on Monday afternoon where we’ll spend the night at the Flying J.  We got this idea from another young retired couple we met in the park just the other day who also packed up and left one afternoon.  There is ample RV parking at Flying J in London and it will also put us an hour or more closer to the border crossing at Port Huron for Tuesday morning.  We were going to stay put until Tuesday morning but this way we’ll be able to cross the border earlier in the day Tuesday and hopefully put some miles on in order to get south as quickly as possible.  We’ve seen the weather reports up the east coast for the last few days and certainly don’t want to encounter snow on our way.  Looks like our plan to head south via I-75 instead of I-81 as we have in the past, should keep us out of the snow for now anyway.  Overnight temps here in Waterloo have been hovering at our below freezing the past 2-3 nights.  We opted to disconnect our water hose before turning in last night just in case temps dropped further than forecasted.

We are all packed up.  Bikes are in the Vue, we’ve emptied our black and grey tanks, and we’ve loaded up with about 60% fresh water, so we are good for 4-5 days on the road south.  Oddly enough, the back flush on the black tank which had not been working for some time, decided to work just fine today.  The only thing I can figure is that the spray jets on the wand inside the black tank must no longer be clogged.  Chris is happy about that because she now no longer has to stand in the bathroom holding the hose and fill the black tank through the toilet valve.  She really is very easy to please.  We’ll try to get at least as far south as Findlay, OH or perhaps further on Tuesday, Bowling Green, KY on Wednesday and then on into Thousand Trails Natchez Trace near Hoehenwald, TN for a few days beginning Thursday.

We’ve had one little banking wrinkle which should resolve itself on Monday morning if all goes according to plan.  Last Thursday afternoon, our bank called to tell me there was some “suspected” fraudulent activity at a Waterloo gas station where we filled up the Vue last week. Seems like their solution is to automatically suspend any and all credit cards used at that particular station on the day in question.  They are couriering a new card to me so we are hoping it arrives before noon on Monday as promised.  We shall see.

Lindsay and Casey came up from Hamilton to join spend the afternoon with us yesterday and then the four us got together with Bill & Laurie and went to the Crossroads family restaurant in Elmira for a buffet supper.  Lets just say that nobody left there hungry.  The roast beef and turkey were excellent.  Heck so was everything else too, including the desserts.

The sun poked its head out a little this afternoon so we took Teddy for walk through Laurel Creek Conservation area which is not far from Green Acre Park.  There were still lots of colorful leaves on the some of the trees which made for some great photography.  See, I’m easy to please too!  Laurel Creek is closed to vehicles now but lots of people just park on the road outside and then walk in.  Look like a very popular area in the summer time.  We hope to find out for ourselves next summer.  We are going to talk to the owner here at Green Acre Park in the morning about a seasonal site for next summer.

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