St Jacobs

Mennonite Mural

The weather in southern Ontario has been terrible since we moved to Waterloo from Kincardine last week.  Lots of rain and wind and now the temperatures are back to the seasonal range, so instead of the 20+C we’ve enjoyed since beginning of the month, we are now in the 10-14C range.  Not really cold by winter standards, but throw in a little wind and rain and having to wear a jacket, long pants and mitts while walking Teddy, and our fall weather is getting tiresome real fast.

St James Lutheran Church, St Jacobs

Thankfully, things dried out a little today and most of standing water in the park has disappeared.  The park was pretty busy on the weekend but has since emptied out a bit as most of the weekenders have gone home.  Our old neighbors left so the site next to us was empty for a day.  Imagine our surprise when we cam back this afternoon from an afternoon out in St Jacobs and we saw another Phaeton parked next to us.  Same paint job, one year newer than ours and a few feet shorter.  Our neighbours are Brits too!  Reminds us of a couple we know who are presently lapping up the sunshine in Spain.  Our nieghbours are here until mid November when they will head south for the winter.  As for us, we are still planning on crossing the border on November 1st.

St Jacobs Main Street

We stopped in at Leisure Days RV in Kitchener this morning looking for a replacement on/off switch for our hot water heater.  The old switch still works fine but the light in the rocker switch hasn’t worked since we were in Palm Springs last winter.  I replaced the old with one I bought in PS, but the light didn’t work.  Apparently, the switches are made in China and the supplier in Palm Desert had quite a few coming back with lights that didn’t work.  I just hadn’t had the time since to replace the switch until today.  So I bought a new switch but didn’t want to do all my chores in the same day, so I’ve decided to leave replacing the switch until tomorrow.

Retirement Home

We took a drive through the country on into St Jacobs and enjoyed a nice walk with Teddy.  There were lots of menacing rain clouds above the town but thankfully no rain fell.  We checked out the Village Bakery and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and piece of cake on the patio.  It was a little windy and chilly but we couldn’t take Teddy into the restaurant seating inside, so we just braved the elements and kept walking.  Chris picked up a new shoulder bag that she and Karen checked out in the Tilley store the other day.  St Jacobs is a very picturesque little village with lots of big, old brick houses and streets lined with huge mature trees.  It is also the site of the first Home Hardware store in Canada.  We saw some nice murals too.  We’ll definitely be coming back to try the Mennonite cooking at the Stone Crock restaurant.

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  1. Gary Young October 19, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

    Hi you guys. Sue and I were only a few miles from you guys today. Mind you we would have quite literally had to have dropped in to see you as we passed at 33000 feet straight up. We were on our way home from LA. We have been out west to celebrate our 25th. Looks like Teddy has settled in. Knows his place up front especially when being driven around. Neat pic of him in the front seat.