Stratford, Ontario

It was a restless sleep for Chris and I last night, knowing that Teddy would be having surgery today at the veterinary clinic in Tillsonburg and also spending Tuesday night in recovery at the clinic.  Poor little guy wasn’t even permitted water and breakfast this morning before we left for Tillsonburg.  We had him at the clinic before 9 am and they operated on him before lunch.  Chris has called the clinic several times for an update on his condition and we are happy to report that he came through the surgery in fine fashion.  He is still a little woozy but has managed to get out to do his business and has also eaten for the first time since his supper last night.  By all reports he is doing just fine!  We’ll head back over to Tillsonburg to pick him up on Wednesday afternoon.

We are becoming used to the Tillsonburg drive.  Hwy 401 from Kitchener westward can be a bit monotonous but we’ve enjoyed finding our way there using the secondary roads as well.  Our return drive today took us through Stratford where we decided to park the car for an hour or so and have a little walk around town with camera in hand.  It was odd not having Teddy on a leash while we roamed around.  We tried to look up an old school mate from our high school days in Germany but we weren’t able to track him down unfortunately.  Like it’s English counterpart, Stratford is also famous for it’s Shakespearean Festival.  The sun peaked out enough to offer some nice light on the Perth County Court House above as well as a nice stone bridge over Lake Victoria.  We drove past this pink cement truck as we left Stratford.  The bright color caught my eye so we turned around in order to have a closer look.  What a novel way to support Breast Cancer Awareness!  I think the HDR effect really makes the truck pop out from the background.  I know the effect is a little over the top, but I also think it works.

Once we got back to the motorhome, I spent the afternoon reorganizing our entertainment system cabinet over the front passenger seat.  One of the many contributions on the Tiffin RV Network (TVRN) had provided me with the means to route music channels from our in motion satellite (which tracks while we drive) through our surround sound system, so we can now listen to satellite music channels while we drive, and all without having to have the TV on.  All I had to do was connect our HD satellite receiver to our sound system’s receiver using a Rocketfish digital audio cable which I found at Best Buy.  I dialed in a classic rock station on the HD satellite receiver and switched over to external input on the sound system and Bingo!!!….. stereo music with surround sound while we drive and NO TV left on.   Can’t wait!