Sun Shines in Waterloo!

Cedar Sprig on Green Leaf

Finally, we got to see some blue sky and enjoy a day without rain.  Sunday was absolutely wonderful!  Temps got down into the 30sF last night, probably as low as it has gotten since we arrived in Green Acre Park, but still no frozen water lines!  We drove into St Jacobs again yesterday afternoon and took Teddy for a walk along the river to the dam.  We were surprised to see the road near the dam washed out as the river had risen quite a bit due to all the rainfall recently.  The walk along the river was great.  Some of the autumn leaves were still on the branches so it was nice and colorful in places.  Lots of orange and red but not too many red leaves.  This sprig of dying cedar on a still bright and vibrant green leaf caught my eye as we headed back towards the car.

St Jacobs Mill

After our walk, we put Teddy back in his cage in the car while we went and enjoyed a nice hot buffet at the Stone Crock restaurant in St Jacobs.  Teddy even got some lunch from the local butcher.  We wandered around some of the shops on the main street looking for nothing in particular.  There is a large Mennonite presence in St Jacobs.  I was struck by the puffy clouds above the old mill as we walked back to the car and waited patiently for people and vehicles to clear the street before grabbing the HDR shot seen above.  I had hoped for a better view of the silos but the main street in St Jacobs has lots of power lines in front of the buildings, so this is the only angle that really worked.  One of the most interesting shops we found was one where they actually make corn brooms by hand, all kinds of brooms actually.

Corn Brooms

Sunday we just hung around the campground and enjoyed walking Teddy in the sunshine.  We actually even had the door open this afternoon.