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Less than a week to go now before we are on the road south.  Last year we were staying at Sherkston Shores near Fort Erie before we crossed at Buffalo and made our way south on Oct 18th.  We’ve decided to hang around until November 1st this year so that we can stay south until May 1st instead of coming back around mid April.  The extra two weeks in warmer climes should be useful and should pretty well guarantee that we don’t run into any snow on the way back to Canada.  But of course, we all know about Murphy’s law and how it relates to RVing.  This will be our first time entering the USA through Port Huron but we’ve been told it is a good point to cross.  Last year’s crossing at Fort Erie/Buffalo took only a few minutes.  Depending how quickly we get across the border, we’ll likely spend our first night around Findlay, OH and then on down to the Camping World in Bowling Green, KY before rolling into Thousand Trails Natchez Trace in Hoehenwald, TN for a few nights prior to going to the Tiffin factory in Red Bay, AL.  We don’t have any major motorhome repairs to be done this year while in Red Bay but there are a few little things we may be able to get seen to in an Express Bay.  If Express is too backed up, we’ll just make an appointment for April 2012 on our way home.

Karen and John drove down with Elson and Isabel from Kincardine to join Bill, Laurie, Chris & I for a great lunch at Jack’s restaurant in St Jacobs today.  Lunch was excellent with lots of great food and portions were large enough that we left with more than one doggie bag.   Thanks to Bill and Laurie for suggesting we go to Jack’s for lunch.  Karen brought down another batch of mail for us which included my renewed drivers license and health card.  Nice to finally have those in my wallet before we depart instead of the temporaries.  After saying our goodbyes at the restaurant, we hit the road for Tillsonburg.  We were both anxious to see how Teddy had fared after his surgeries.  He was very happy to see us after being away from home for over 24 hours.  To be honest, there was no sign of any tenderness at all.  Teddy was raring to go.  He’s on a reduced activity regimen for a week to ten days but judging how feisty he is right now, I don’t think he’ll be down for too long.  So Teddy was neutered, micro chipped and also had a bunch of baby teeth removed.  Edward’s Veterinary Services in Tillsonburg was wonderful and we won’t hesitate to return there in the future.  They even gave him a bath and dressed him up in this cute Halloween bandana.


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  1. Art Fortin October 27, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

    Hi Mark and Chris, As I said in an email to Gary today I was at work all day Tuesday and Sheila could not figure out the call display to give me the number to call you. And when I did try it yesterday it said it was no longer in service(an Alberta area code!?). I also tried an email address I had for you and that got returned. Sorry I missed you. Do try again. Take Care, Art Fortin