Waterloo, Ontario

Boy, for some reason I am just not finding enough time to update our blog lately. Way too many things going on in our lives and by the time I get a few minutes to sit down at the computer….well, I just don’t feel like it because I’m too tired and ready to fall into bed. We are both exhausted after an extremely busy summer. I haven’t even had much time to take photographs, except with my iPhone that is. Anyway, I’m hoping we are over the hump and that posts will be more forthcoming in future.

We really enjoyed our stay at Green Acres Campground in Kincardine. The sites were big and the place was very well kept. The nature trail was a favorite walk for Teddy but try as he might, he just could not catch one of the many rabbits we saw during our evening walks. It would be a great place for a seasonal stay, if only it was a little closer to Chapters, Best Buy and Star Bucks!

All the kids, Lindsay, Casey, Sarah and Matt came to spend Thanksgiving with us in Hanover and Kincardine. We are very grateful to Karen & John for opening their home to us. Chris took on the task of organizing dinner with help from Lindsay, Kate, Sarah, Casey, Kim and Karen while John, Merv, Adam & I kind of kept out of the way until they needed our help to make it all disappear. We all tried our best but we barely put a dent in the 20 lb turkey and there were plenty of left overs. Naturally there was plenty of desserts too. We’ll definitely have to get back to our fitness program to wear off what we ate.

We left Green Acres Campground in Kincardine yesterday morning and arrived at Green Acre Park in Waterloo after lunch. Karen overnighted with us in Kincardine on Wednesday and got to see how we pack up the motorhome as well as accompany us to Waterloo. She just loved the view from the windshield from sitting up so high in the motor home. We managed to get ourselves set up on 50 amp pull thru site until the end of the month when we’ll head for the border. It’s been raining steadily most of today and the grounds are super saturated. Poor Teddy can’t do his business without coming back a soppy mess.

The girls went into St Jacobs for a little shopping in the afternoon while Teddy and I stayed home. After a walk, I began the arduous task of updating our iPads and iPhones with the new iOS5 software. Previously, I’ve been able to download the iOS update file one time only and then transfer to other laptops in order to update other Apple devices but this new update seems to require a separate download and install for each Apple device. Two iPhones and two iPads meant four downloads of 750 mb, quite a lot of data for a limited data plan. And on top of that there seems to be a different iOS5 file for iPad and iPhone. Two hours per download, four Apple devices to upgrade…..well you get the picture. It took quite some time to bring all devices up to date.