Bay 31

We saw Norris first thing this morning while he was out doing his rounds and he said we were number 2 on the Express list. He figured we’d definitely be getting a call this afternoon. I’d just stretched out for a snooze when the phone rang. Jimmy instructed us to proceed to Bay 31immediately. We were packed up and in the bay in less than twenty minutes.

Our list was fairly short really. Brandon looked after lubricating our DS bedroom slide, which I had also done previously, and hopefully that will remedy the occasional sticking of the slide as it goes out. At least there wasn’t anything binding the slide causing it to stick when extended. The stop bolt under our dining room slide took less than 2 minutes to change out. They also noticed a tear in the slide topper on the DS bedroom slide, so we had that replaced too. We had the anode rod changed out on the water heater too and a new magnesium rod installed. The old one was completely shot. Brandon suggested that as full timers and with the tendency toward hard water in most campgrounds, it would be advisable to change the anode rod twice a year. The store sells replacement rods so I’ll grab a couple of spares before we leave. The tile work in the bathroom will be looked at tomorrow. An electrician will also check the water heater to see why it isn’t heating on propane. Brandon expects it to be the gas valve, as I mentioned previously, but he wants to confirm before switching out the old valve.

Three things that all techs are checking for when a coach pulls into a service bay; roof rail cracks, wet bay floor, and dining room slide floor. We had the roof replaced last fall and our dining room slide floor is fine. However, our wet bay floor needs to be replaced. We were going to wait until April 2012 and stop back in Red Bay on our way back to Ontario but Brandon says we can get in early next week if we want to stick around. It will save us a trip back here in the spring, so we’ve decided to wait and have the wet bay replaced next week. It just made more sense than coming back again in the spring.