Geocaching In Red Bay

Chris & I went geocaching this morning, thanks to the Groundspeak Geocaching iPhone app which we only discovered recently. The other day, I downloaded the free version for my iPhone and we went in search of a hidden cache close to Allegro Campground. Unfortunately, my iPhone does not have a data plan here in the USA so as soon as we were out of range of our Verizon mifi, the free geocaching app no longer functioned. I wasn’t sure the paid version of the app ($9.99) would operate without an active data connection either. However, a quick email enquiry to the Groundspeak company clarified that the paid app does indeed function without a data connection. Cache locations can be downloaded to the iphone and are then fully trackable using the built in GPS feature on the iPhone. Once you find the cache, you can mark it as found as soon as you are back online. It’s kind of cool actually. Geocaching is very popular world wide and offers a great opportunity to get out for walk with the added feature of a treasure hunt too! I know we are likely arriving a little late to geocaching but we enjoy it and it is yet another outdoor activity for us to enjoy which is just fine with us.

We hung around Allegro campground waiting for our call and after lunch Craig called us over to his area to have a floor tile and grout repaired. With his Dremel tool, the repair took only about 15 minutes. He buzzed out the old grout and then poured in some new grout while making sure it also went under the tile in order to stop the rocking when the tile is stepped on. This is a pretty common problem and easily fixed. From there it was back to our site where we just sat inside with the slides all in and the jacks up, ready for another call to sort out our water heater issue. Gary, from Bay 5, called almost right away and we were off to see him. Turns out the problem had nothing to do with the gas valve. Instead, he quickly determined it was a $20 thermostat limiter that needed replacing and voila……we have a water heater that will again heat on propane.

So with today’s repairs we are now only awaiting our wet bay floor replacement, but that won’t be until Monday or Tuesday of next week. We may still look at replacing the fluorescent ceiling lights with the newer LED modification while waiting for the wet bay work to begin.

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  1. sue bidniak November 15, 2011 at 11:59 pm #

    we have the geocaching app..the one for $9.99 works great..makes it much easier than the old handheld gps we had used when we first started out!!..hope the repairs go quickly!!