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Today was supposed to be wash and wax day for Phaeton Place using Ricky Johnson’s RV cleaning service, but Red Bay has been under rain and clouds for most of the day so we decided against the cleaning. May as well save our money and leave the cleaning until we get to Thousand Trails Orlando later this week. We are still scheduled for wet bay floor replacement first thing tomorrow morning and by all reports that will take about 4 hours to do followed by some additional time to undercoat the area, definitely doable in one day. Checking out will take very little time and I can grab a few items from the campground store while waiting for the floor. 
So today we busied ourselves with getting Phaeton Place ready for wet bay replacement in the morning. We had to empty all three of our tanks, fresh, grey and black, so they will be easier to remove. I even back flushed the black tank several times trying to make it as clean as possible. It can’t be a pleasant task for the workers removing poop tanks. We’ll do one more flush in the morning just to be extra careful. Chris also did all the laundry so we can hit the road on Tuesday with an empty hamper. 

We drove over to the Super Walmart in Muscle Shoals, AL this afternoon to stock up on groceries. One thing about Red Bay, there isn’t much available for groceries except Piggly Wiggly and Big Star, and we are tired of those. The Super Wally wasn’t much better though considering the state of their produce section. We did okay with staples though. We bought a Wally World rotisserie chicken for supper which we have done before, but this one was terrible. Very salty and lots of fat too. Yuk! Most of it went in the trash unfortunately. 

One of my most used iPad apps is Blogsy and it has just been updated in the App Store. It works well for posting blog updates to WordPress and Blogger and can also upload photos from the library or drag and drop photos from most websites right into the blog. Today’s photos were dragged right from my photo library and dropped where I wanted them in this post. The above graphic badge was pulled right from the Blogsy website. Blogsy also imports all your tags and categories from your blogging platform and makes them readily available for inclusion in your post. The newest update includes a variety of fonts & sizes, text formats as well as left, right, center and now full justification. Comments are supported and post can be past, present or future dated. Definitely worth checking out if you have an iPad. Why not click on the link or badge and check it out.


  1. Donna November 21, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

    Hope all goes well for you and everything gets fixed up the way you want it!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Allen DuGuay November 21, 2011 at 1:18 pm #

    Hope the repair goes well so you can be on your way. Super Wally here in Corona had a decent produce selection for Thanksgiving week, usually it can be pretty bare or old. We are lucky to have Whole Foods and Sprouts near our home, big selections and always fresh. Teddy looks very cute with that new haircut. Wishing you safe travels.

  3. sue bidniak November 20, 2011 at 11:17 pm #

    just catching up on your posts!..good luck with repair of your wet bay!!..sure sounds like alot of people have been getting the same job done!..enjoy the week!! and safe travels to you all!!