Lima, OH to Bowling Green, KY

It must have been a quieter night than we expected at Cracker Barrel last night because we managed to sleep through until almost 8 am this morning……very unusual. Even Teddy stayed quiet in his cage until we began to stir. After a bit of breakfast in the motorhome, we took Teddy for a walk before packing up to hit the road. All I had to do was pull in the one bedroom slide on the passenger side and hook up the Vue. Turns out the LF tire on the Vue was a little low on air this morning, most likely due to the Pressure Pro sensor not being seated properly on the valve stem. Our on board compressor pumped the tire up in no time and it held all day.

Grey skies cleared and became blue once we got into Kentucky. We stopped for lunch in a rest area near Cincinnati before pushing onward. Teddy also had a good stretch outside chasing leaves around the rest area property. We opted to stay on I-75 through the city instead of taking I-275 around it. There were a couple of slow downs but traffic moved along quite well. We gained an hour going from EST to CST and that put us into Camping World in Bowling Green before 4 pm local time.

We picked up a couple of items we were looking for at Camping World. Teddy will certainly appreciate his new pet fence once we get settled for the winter. It should give him lots of room to play outside without our needing to be concerned about his wandering off. We also replaced our old pressure regulator with a new one. The gauge had stopped working on the old one, so another one was in order. It is preprogrammed to reduce water pressure coming into the motorhome to 45 psi when at campgrounds. We’ve experienced higher and lower pressure at different campgrounds. This device should help protect against damage to our water lines.

Chris had beef vegetable soup going in the crock pot all the way south on our drive today. It smelled so good on the way down that we couldn’t wait to dig into once we got settled in for the night. It was very yummy too….AND we have leftovers for tomorrow once we get into Red Bay. Looks like CRB is overflowing at the moment too, with at least 20 rigs in the overflow area so not sure how successful we will be with getting into express service. Time will tell.

We managed to get our King Dome in motion satellite to track properly….finally. Turns out I had to pick one region for it to track, instead of all regions. It tracked flawlessly and we listened to satellite music on our surround sound speakers all afternoon. Anything is better than having to continually find FM stations as we drive. Our Internet needs are being adequately met by our Verizon Mifi. I had Verizon turn it back on when we left Canada and have been assured by their customer service that we do indeed have an ‘Unlimited’ data plan and that we will not be capped or slowed down if we surpass 5 GB of data. We had this same go around with them last fall in Palm Springs, so time will tell on that one. Speaking of go arounds…..Chris had a little one with Telus as we headed for the border. She keeps her phone active while we are south for the winter but I always put mine on a vacation stop while we are south. Turns out the customer service agent did not know that option actually exists. A supervisor sorted it out though and my phone will only cost $15/month over the winter instead of $65+, and I get to keep my number.