Nature Trail at TT Orlando

Chris & I haven’t been real busy since arriving at Thousand Trails Orlando.  We’ve been taking it easy and slowly unwinding after what felt like basically three weeks steady on the road.  Red Bay was nice but after spending 17 nights there, it was definitely time to hit the road.  The weather has been fabulous ever since we pulled in with day time temps in the upper 70sF and low 80sF.  We chose a 30 amp site in “A” section that is opposite the VIP Getaway cabins and so far we haven’t needed the extra power we would have had in a 50 amp site for running the air conditioners.  The back of our coach faces south so we have morning sun and then our coach blocks out the afternoon sun, so we have cool shade to sit in for Teddy.

We’ve played pickleball a couple of mornings but have taken Saturday and Sunday morning as down days.  On Friday, I also managed to sneak in a nice swim and some water volleyball in the afternoon.  This year, even the adult pool is heated.  Our last time here was the spring of 2008 and the adult pool was unheated at that time.  I think the former manager was trying to pinch a few pennies, but he is gone now and the new manager has the park looking pretty good.  Both 25 meter pools have been redone as has the spa and the adult only fitness center.  I understand  the main clubhouse has also been spruced up but neither of us have been inside yet to have a look.  The one unfortunate thing we have noticed this year is the goathead thorns that seem to be in most grassy areas frequented by Teddy.  The goatheads and other thistle like weeds attach easily to his furry legs so we have to constantly brush him out after his walks.  The positive side of that is that Teddy is getting very comfortable with his grooming.  He never used to like having his feet and legs brushed but he’s pretty good now.  Chris found a partial solution to avoiding the goathead thorns yesterday.  Instead of sticking to just the paved roads in the park, we now go for a little walk on the park’s nature trail.  She and Teddy saw  a large box turtle and a hawk while walking the trail on Saturday afternoon.  I took the camera with us this morning.  Lots of flora but no fauna unfortunately.  There are also quite a few sandhill cranes hanging around the park, so I’m hoping for a few nice photos before we leave.  I think there is a marshy area next to the park where they spend most of their time.

Sunday morning is pancake breakfast for us normally.  Today, I got the grill out on our Baby Weber BBQ and did up some bacon and eggs outside while Chris made buttermilk pancakes and also a recipe she found on the internet for Cracker Barrel’s hashbrown casserole.  We invited Bob over for breakfast and sat outside enjoying our meal in the morning sunshine.  Breakfast was fabulous and the hashbrown casserole is definitely a keeper.  The rest of our Sunday was spent relaxing around Phaeton Place.  I managed to replace a broken push latch on one of our kitchen drawers.  The hasp piece  went on us the day we arrived here and I picked up a replacement at Camping World.  Keith popped over for an unexpected visit this afternoon.  We had a great discussion about cooking, specifically cooking turkey in a turkey deep fryer and also making homemade kahlua.  We saw a huge pile of fryers in Walmart the other day and are still mulling over if it is worth picking up a fryer.  Apparently there is no better way to cook a fifteen pound turkey than 45 minutes in one of these fryers.  Definitely something to consider.


  1. tbussche November 28, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

    Deep fried turkey is great, but remember you will have a lot of frying oil to deal with. We have also used our turkry fryer for making soup for our camping club.

    We will be making the trip to Red Bay in January, sounds like it will be cold, brrrrr…

  2. Margie November 28, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

    Be thankful you escaped Red Bay. It is noon and 37 degrees with 1 to 3 inches of snow expected later. Supposedly we will be here for our wet bay repair until Friday – I wish I was in Orlando even with the high humidity.

  3. Donna November 28, 2011 at 12:19 pm #

    YUM ~ Deep fried turkey is GREAT!!! Glad to hear the the new manager at TT is trying to improve the place…
    Have fun & Travel safe