On The Road ……..Finally!

Well what do they say about the best laid plans…….? Our original plans were to be on the road south out of Waterloo yesterday but there were a few unexpected wrinkles that popped up out of nowhere that forced us to stay at Green Acre Park an extra night. The weather has been wonderful though so certainly no complaints from us.

The first wrinkle happened last week when my credit card was canceled after a fuel purchase at a Kitchener/Waterloo gas station. Apparently a stolen card was used at the same station where I purchased fuel. Security procedures resulted in all credit cards used at that station that day to be canceled. My bank promised to have a new card to me by Monday. It never arrived Monday or Tuesday and I was fortunate to be able to finally track it down at a nearby Shoppers Drug Mart post office this morning. You wouldn’t believe the number of phone calls needed to finally pry a tracking number out of my credit card company.

The second wrinkle came as a very welcome surprise and turned out to be some action on the Lake Echo property in Nova Scotia which began last night. Chris’s realtor called with two great offers to purchase. We spent most of this morning on the computer receiving the offers and sending back counter offers. Looks like a deal is very close which will be a big relief for Chris.

The third wrinkle we’ve tried to sort out over the last few days was a seasonal site at Green Acre Park for next summer. We spoke with the owners and have secured a site from early May until the end of October. There weren’t many 50 amp sites long enough to hold Phaeton Place but an old park model is being pulled off its site to make room for us and we are very happy with the proposed location. We’ll have some lawn, a fire pit, garden shed, a nice hedge and full hook ups too at a really great price.

We finally hit the road for London near 4 pm and pulled into the Flying J shortly after 5 pm. We topped up with diesel and propane before finding a spot in the RV parking area to spend the night. Teddy stayed in the motorhome alone for the first time while we enjoyed a tasty supper at Denny’s restaurant which is attached to Flying J. Their ultimate skillet was fabulous. So a little rest and some TV before turning in for what will no doubt be a noisy sleep before we head for the border in the morning. We aren’t in any rush and won’t be putting on mega miles to make up for our lost travel day. We’ll head for Findlay, OH tomorrow and Bowling Green, KY on Friday before rolling into Red Bay on Saturday. We canceled our reservation at Thousand Trails Natchez Trace.

Time for a little shut eye…..emphasis on the word ‘little’. It’s pretty noisy here in the parking lot with trucks coming and going every few minutes.