Pickleball at TT Orlando

We’ve had enough players for two courts at morning Pickleball for the last few days. Chris & I have joined Keith & Marie, Brian & Helena, Paul Earle, Earl and Karen (don’t know their last names) but Earl plays water volleyball too. More players arrived in the park today as well. The courts are in great shape and appear to have been repainted fairly recently. Teddy accompanies us to the courts and enjoys watching us play while laying in the shade. There is usually an advanced group that plays in the afternoon but they don’t appear to be up and running yet, perhaps next month as the park gets busier.

I’ve managed to get a couple of nice swims in around lunch time, just before water volleyball starts. We played yesterday and for the first time since arriving it actually rained while we played. We actually had to duck underwater in order to keep warm until the rain ended. Temps have cooled off a little today but the sun is still shining.

Julie arrived back in town this morning and she & Bob will be heading off to TT Peace River in the morning. We have only one more day here before we also head off there. We’ll stay in Wauchula for two weeks and then come back to TT Orlando for three weeks over the Christmas holidays. Julie got to pick a restaurant for supper tonight and chose Oakwood Smokehouse in Clermont which is about 30 minutes north of us on Hwy 27 near Citrus Tower. We all had the full rack of baby ribs with assorted sides and can report that the food was excellent. Thank you Keith & Marie for suggesting this great spot. The six of us had a great time.

We had to run Teddy over to the local vet on Monday. Turns out he picked up a tick on his belly. I found it while brushing him after Pickleball. A little tick had latched on to him likely from the grass in the park. We brush him 2-3 times a day while here mostly in an effort to control the goat head thorns and other bits that tend to stick to Teddy’s hairy legs and belly. Based on our visit to the vet in Tillsonburg, ON before we left Canada, we thought Teddy was protected against fleas and ticks. Well as it turned out, it was protection against fleas only. We called the vet just to confirm and were advised to pick up some Frontline ASAP. Chris popped into the same vet we had used with Buddy a few years ago and managed to get some Frontline. The tick was easily removed with tweezers but the bite has left a nice little welt like bruise on Teddy’s tummy. We’ll monitor him over the few days just to be sure there is no infection.


  1. Jeannie December 1, 2011 at 7:52 am #

    Love that pickleball..We’re having trouble finding places in Florida that have it where we’ve been staying. Glad Teddy is going to be ok!

  2. Allen DuGuay November 30, 2011 at 9:42 am #

    Never played Pickleball before looks to be fun, would like to give it a try someday. Nice looking courts. Glad you found the tick and that Teddy is doing alright.