Prints from Yesteryear

Phaeton Place has moved from site F, a water & electric only site, to site 8, a full hookup site at Allegro Campground. Rod dropped by just after lunch yesterday to give us the good news. Still no progress on getting in for service yet though, unfortunately. Hopefully Thursday or Friday so we can continue our trip south.

We keep ourselves quite busy waiting for our call for service to come. Teddy is getting out for lots of walks around the campground and surrounding neighborhood. He is meeting many other dogs too which should help a lot with his socialization skills. He still acts very much the puppy when meeting people and other dogs, lots of noise and is not very well behaved, but he is only 6 months old and his manners are slowly improving.

This afternoon we took a run into Belmont, MS to have a look around the Silver Dollar store. Robert & Tiziana told us they usually have some pretty good deals on staples including coffee for our Keurig machine. We walked out with three bags of groceries for about $30 and thought was pretty good. The main attraction inside the store for me was all the old prints hanging on the walls. I’ve grabbed a few shots of some of the better ones.

Upon our return from Belmont, we strolled over to Triple H Electronics and spoke with Dallas Humphries about converting our interior lights from bulbs to LEDs. The move to switch is a very popular discussion on TRVN forums but it also gets a bit complicated determining which type of LED is required for different lights. Dallas came over this afternoon and switched out all the interior lights with the exception of the fluorescent ceiling lights. He was out of those type of bulbs but had everything else switched out in about ten minutes. We may look at changing out the ceiling lights at a later time. The new LEDs appear to be a little brighter and give off a warm light, but do not get hot. They are also guaranteed for 50,000 hours. The old bulbs emitted considerable heat and also consumed much more power.

Last night, we got together for supper with our blogging friends Don and Sharon from Gypsy and the Mariner’s RV Adventures. We tried Gil’s Grill which is not far from the campground. The food was alright but nothing to write home about. I nicked this shot of us enjoying supper from Sharon’s blog. Thank you Don & Sharon for a lovely evening and good luck with your repairs today.


  1. Sharon Del Rosario November 11, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

    Great pictures, Mark. It’s been great getting to know you and Chris. I hope our paths cross again!

  2. Betty November 10, 2011 at 1:07 am #

    I loved your old pictures. Safe travels to you