Still in Red Bay

Not much going on here. Weather wise, temps have cooled off again and the wind has switched from south to north, so things are decidedly cooler. Temps barely reached 50F today and the weather guy enjoyed blaming it all on that cold “Canadian” air from the north. Like its our air just because it’s cold! Please! Chilly enough for sweater and long pants today while we took Teddy for his walks.

Chris busied herself cleaning the refrigerator while I ordered some Keurig K cups from Their prices are better than what we have found in most stores and delivery is free. I also repositioned our Pressure Pro display from above the centre floor console to under the driver’s side window. That way I don’t have to run the mini USB power cable so far under the dashboard. The Velcro adhesive pads on the back of the Pressure Pro left these little sticky patches on the centre console so a quick trip across the street to True Value Hardware for some Goo Gone was in order.

Check out the inside of the True Value store. They pride themselves in having everything in stock. In the event they don’t have have something, they’ll order it for you. I’d hate to have to do inventory in there.

Bob & Sandy Tanis arrived in Red Bay the same time we did and have been our neighbors the entire time. Teddy and their dog Casey have great fun together. Their coach goes in tomorrow morning for the wet bay floor replacement, so with any luck we’ll be first up on Monday.


  1. Donna November 18, 2011 at 7:59 am #

    Great info… Thanks for sropping by my blog ~ I am sure we’ll have a great time following each others adventures!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Betty And Joe November 18, 2011 at 12:17 am #

    Thank you for your link to We love Gloria Jean’s Coffee and it is less expensive here. I’m a little confused about the shipping charges. One place says free, the other place says free with a $45 or more order. Really enjoy your blog.
    ~Betty and Joe