Tupelo, MS

It’s been a long week here in Red Bay.  We’ve been waiting patiently for our turn in an express bay in order to get several small repairs done.  Norris figured we’d been in for sure and done by Friday but I think they must have hit a snag somewhere along the way as we are still here.  The frustrating part about Express is that they can call you any time to come in, so we really have to just hang around waiting for that call. Don & Sharon headed out this morning and there is already another coach in their spot.

Teddy is getting lots of exercise as we walk him around the campground.  He’s even been off leash a few times in a large open field behind the service center.  He’s actually starting to listen a bit to commands now which is pretty cool.  We are still working on his manners around other dogs though.  He is still very much the puppy and sometimes can’t understand why not all dogs and people don’t want to play with him.  He loves playing fetch inside the motorhome and gets going pretty fast when we throw one of his toys into the back bedroom.  He surprised both of us on Friday when he jumped from the floor between our two front seats, up on to the center console and then up onto the dashboard, all so that he could see his little bichon friend, PJ, who was outside.

Today is Saturday and the service center and store are closed for the weekend.  The campground is full with motorhomes waiting for service appointments on Monday morning but there are still a few electric and water only sites left with no motorhomes in the overflow area.  I expect the overflow will start to fill up on Sunday though, as more rigs arrive for appointments or express bay service.  We took another drive along the Natchez Trace Parkway today on our way into Tupelo, Mississippi.  Today’s venture was more to get out of Red Bay than anything else.  We went to Barnes Crossing in Tupelo to pick up a water filter cartridge for our residential fridge at Home Depot and grabbed lunch at Cracker Barrel.  We followed The Trace back to Red Bay and stopped along the way to give Teddy a run along the canal.  I grabbed the above shot of him as he chased after Chris who was behind me and running away.  The little guy can sure run when he wants to  and it was hard to stay focused on him.

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