Welcome to the USA

Well last night’s sleep was actually fairly peaceful, despite being at Flying J. Things quieted down nicely around midnight and we actually slept quite well until about 5 am this morning. As far as Flying Js go, the one in London is one of the nicest we have ever visited. The parking lot was in good shape, lots of green grass to walk Teddy after supper and the food at Denny’s was top notch too. We grabbed a light breakfast there before hitting the road at 8 am heading for Port Huron. It was our first time crossing into the USA here and everything went quite smoothly. A few routine questions and a quick look inside our coach by the border agent and we were on our way.

I-94 and I-275 through to Detroit was very rough but oddly enough once we hit I-75 in Ohio, all the potholes and rough pavement disappeared. Go figure! We stopped for lunch at a rest stop and took Teddy for a nice stroll. We also found out that our Suburban water heater is no longer working on propane. It was last month but no longer apparently. We have lots of propane and all the fuses & switches inside the coach are lit and functioning normally. Perhaps a malfunctioning valve on the water tank, but at least we are on our way to Red Bay. Hopefully they can sort it out for us.

It was a grayish day all the way today. We saw a few quick glimpses of the sun as we neared The Flying J in Beaverdam but gray skies were the norm for most of our drive. We were going to spend the night at a Cracker Barrel in Findlay but we made better time through the border and then Detroit than we had anticipated, so we just kept going as far as the CB in Lima, OH. Our first time at a Cracker Barrel since fall and it was great. Chicken tenders for Chris and the meatloaf dinner for me. We ducked out to a nearby Walmart to grab some groceries and now are all tucked in at the parking lot behind Cracker Barrel for the night. Tomorrow it’s on to Bowling Green, KY. Temps are getting warmer as we continue southbound. Woohoo!

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  1. Jim and Jane November 4, 2011 at 1:32 pm #

    sleep well xxx