Wet Bay Floor Replacement


I was up at 5:30 am this morning raring to go and get this wet bay replacement over and done.  After packing up and draining the last of our tanks we drove over to Bay 44 and were the second coach to enter inside once the roller doors opened at 7 am.




Dustin and his partner explained the process and then set about removing the items from our wet bay and from the tank access panel on the opposite side if the coach.  They strapped up the grey and black tanks so they would not fall and then worked on removing only the fresh water tank from the compartment as can be seen in the photos.   


Once the fresh water tank was removed they set about ripping out the wet bay floor by cutting it into small pieces. It was pretty soggy in places and definitely was due for replacement. Once the old floor was out they cleaned up the edges where the new sealed floor would fit before sliding the new floor into place. A little decor sealer spread liberally about the area made sure no water would get in to damage the new floor.

Putting in the new floor was pretty straight forward once a few boots were applied to ‘help’ the new floor into place. After that it was a matter of hooking everything back up, testing it for leaks and we were good to go over for undercoating. We we’re done in bay 44 just after lunch and out of undercoating in bay 47 in about half an hour. All the techs were great. The only wrinkle was some scratched paint on the passenger side of the coach where they were a little careless in reinstalling the wet bay panel door. Looks like they’ll have to do some touch up for us on our next trip through Red Bay. They just don’t have time to get that done before we leave in the morning unfortunately.

Jimmy Oliver managed to get us into Bay 7 at 7 am tomorrow morning so we can have the dining room slide topper replaced and after that we are done!  All in all we are very impressed with the work done today and the scratched paint while disappointing, is not the end of the world.

Chris and I joined Gerry & Susan Cox and Mike & Diane Fortier at the Mexican restaurant down the street for a great buffet lunch.  We exchanged lots of stories at lunch and then also got together for a happy hour at Mike & Diane’s later this afternoon.


  1. Sharon Del Rosario November 22, 2011 at 10:51 pm #

    Glad you got the wet bay done while you were in Red Bay. You might have experienced serious problems if you postponed it. Now you can travel without worrying.

  2. Donna November 22, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    Glad everything was taken care of so smothly… Soon you’ll be back on the road….
    Have fun & Travel safe