Matt & Sarah Arrive!

Matt & Sarah arrived on Dec 19th after a long day of traveling from Edmonton on the red eye to Toronto and then on to Orlando. It was funny to see them arrive wearing long pants after we’ve been spending our time in Florida wearing shorts, t shirts and sandals most days. However, it didn’t take them long to change in the Vue before we headed for Florida Mall for a little Christmas shopping. I missed the turn off into the mall from Toll Hwy 417 and wound up getting routed on to the Florida Turnpike heading in the wrong direction. My fault entirely, can’t blame our Garmin for that. Too much chatting and not enough concentration on the road. They arrived around 1 pm but we never got back to Phaeton Place until after 5 pm. Traffic was nuts! Won’t be doing that again anytime soon. The kids brought a 4 ft long stuffed snake doggie toy for Teddy and he’s been having a ball with it, trying to find all the squeakers inside.

The kids have kept busy with shopping and lounging around the pool. They are bunking in with us in PP until Lindsay & Casey arrive this evening, when the four of them get to share a getaway cabin for a week. Last night we joined Bob, Julie and her father, Pete for a return trip to the Oakwood Smokehouse in Clermont for their full rack rib dinner. It was great as usual and no one left the table hungry.

I’ve kept busy playing Pickleball most mornings. Still not as many players as in past years but our friends Tom & Connie arrived yesterday and they are both good players. Chris is still not playing unfortunately. She received another fire ant bite on the same toe as before, so she is having to walk wearing flip flops as socks and closed toe shoes are just too painful to wear. It must be something in her DNA because she got stung on the hand by something yesterday and her hand swelled up like a balloon overnight. I Dri Washed more of PP yesterday while the sun was hidden behind some clouds yesterday afternoon. I must have pulled something a bit in my lower back because my right kidney area was quite painful last night which made it almost impossible to sleep more than 30 minutes or so at a stretch. Advil seems to be doing the trick though and I’m feeling better today, although there is still a slight twinge every now and then. So no Pickleball for me today and I won’t be doing anymore Dri Wash for a few days either.

Chris has taken Matt & Sarah out for a bit more Christmas shopping today. I took some time to wrap everything I bought. As I said before, I did most of my shopping online this year and everything arrived in plenty of time with no shipping charges on any of it. Prices at Amazon and Best Buy online were just as good or even better than we’ve seen in stores. The nice thing about Amazon is that you don’t pay tax on your purchase either which is an added bonus!

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  1. Donna December 22, 2011 at 7:24 pm #

    Glad your kids made it safely and all are having a GREAT time….
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year