On To Thousand Trails Peace River

Teddy has had a rough week so far.  His tick bite looked like a little crater in his tummy the other morning so we took him to the vet on Wednesday.  Our options were to use ointment for about three weeks and to limit Teddy’s activities in the hope it might clear up or to have it repaired surgically with about 5 stitches and he would be back to normal in about 10-12 days.  We opted for the latter leaving him with the vet at 10 am Wednesday and picking him up after 5 pm.  His stitches will come out in ten days.  We have some ointment to apply as well as some pain medication in the form of pills.  Teddy is doing well but has to wear a “cone of shame”, as my son puts it, so he can’t get at his stitches.  Actually, he wears it very little except for at night.

We left TT Orlando at 10 am on Thursday and rolled into TT Peace River around noon.  We usually take US 27 south to Avon Park and then west on Hwy 64 to Zolfo Springs to get to this park but Bob & Julie come down via US 17 through Winter Haven and Lake Alfred, so we have that a try instead.  It’s always nice to see new territory and we haven’t been in Florida since 2009 so it’s really all pretty new as a lot has changed since then.  We were greeted by Donna Donald who works in the office checking in new arrivals.  We managed to find a great site, E-23, which used to be our friends Jim & Jane’s seasonal site while they were here.  It’s a big site and we had many a happy hour here.  An added bonus is that the road in front of our site is now paved.  Imagine our surprise when we saw their old motorhome and toad parked Ina site right across from us.  Talk about nostalgia!  We had a good chuckle about that one on Skype.

I played Pickleball yesterday afternoon with Rich, Buddy, Fred and Nathan but was having a hard time tracking the ball in the fading light as it got progressively darker.  These old eyes much prefer playing in bright  morning sunshine.  Besides, playing late in the day means we eat supper later than usual too and we certainly can’t have that now can we!

Chris & Julie took in a bingo game in the rec hall last night and have a shopping day to Bradenton lined up for Monday.  We took our touring bikes over to The Bike Shop in Sebring for a tune up this afternoon.  Nothing serious but the bikes have suffered a bit being on the back of the motorhome or inside the Vue this past year and haven’t been used much.  I’m looking forward to some nice rides around Lake Sebring while in this area.

Finally for today, I’d like to wish my daughter Lindsay a very happy birthday.  She calls Hamilton home now but all four children will be joining us in Orlando over Christmas for a visit.  And no, we won’t all be nice and cozy inside Phaeron Place.  The kids will be sharing a get away cabin while there.  Happy birthday Princess!


  1. Donna December 2, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

    Sorry to hear about your Teddy and hope he’s on the road to recovery really soon… Have fun down at Peace River ~ Great place to canoe….
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Allen DuGuay December 2, 2011 at 4:50 pm #

    Sorry to hear Teddy had to have the surgery hope he is on the mend. Looks like a nice park. Nice being with your group of friends playing Pickleball. Just got back from the Sands in Palm Springs this past weekend and did some bike riding around the park I had not rode for a while but plan on doing more. Have a great weekend.