Pioneer Park

Lazy Alligator

Life at Thousand Trails Peace River  is very lay back.  A little pickleball in the mornings followed by a bit of lunch and a walk around the park with Teddy.  Teddy even joins us at the pickleball courts to watch while we play.  He’s met a few other doggie friends at the courts and just loves going for walks with Odie and Scruff.  Now if only they would wrestle a bit!

Sunning Turtle
Chris & Julie spent some time this afternoon sorting through beading supplies.  They plan on getting together to make a few gifts for Christmas later this week.  Julie showed Chris how to make her sun tea.  Tea in a mason jar that is left sitting in the sunshine for 2-3 hours to brew.  We tried loose oolong tea this afternoon but it turned out a bit too strong.  Hoping for better results tomorrow if the sun shines.  Yesterday afternoon, Chris & I did a little grocery shopping at Walmart and Sweet Bay.  Neither were particularly well stocked but the edge has to go to Sweet Bay.  We spotted Pure Magic Ice Cream on the other side of Hwy 17 as we pulled out of the Sweet Bay parking lot.  The following description from their Facebook page says it all.  Take our word for it…..the ice cream is FaBuLoUs!!!

Pure Magic Ice Cream creates incredible ice cream right before your very eyes! We take high quality ice cream mix, add whatever flavors you’d like, and then we flash freeze it with liquid nitrogen, which is 320 degrees below zero. The liquid nitrogen freezes the ice cream so quickly that the ice crystals don’t get a chance to grow, resulting in an incredible tasting ice cream with the smoothest and creamiest texture you’ve ever experienced. Try it and find out why people call it “The World’s Most Amazing Ice Cream!”

I did a little photo walk along the river inside the park this afternoon hoping to see the same large turtle we saw sunning itself on a log in the river while walking Teddy the other day.  The turtle was there but the lighting was not the best so I drove across the road to Pioneer Park to have a look there.  There is a small lake within Pioneer Park and I managed to drive our Vue right along the shore.  I spotted a few cormorants drying their wings in some of the trees but they were too far away for any good photographs without my 500mm lens.  However, I did luck upon an alligator and turtle sunning themselves on a large log at the edge of the lake.  Neither seemed too concerned as I stood at the back of the Vue with my 100-400 mm lens supported on a monopod.  I think both shots turned out quite well.  If you agree, please feel free to leave a comment or click on the Facebook like button.  Both these photos are a part of my Smugmug galleries.  Clicking on either photo should take you to my galleries.

The ladies are off to Bradenton for a bit of Chirstmas shopping in the morning.  Think Teddy and I will hang out around here.  Yeah…..I’m a big chicken!


  1. Jeff December 16, 2011 at 10:20 pm #

    Great gator picture! Plus, the Pure Magic ice cream place will be a stop for us when we are in the area for sure.

  2. Jeff December 16, 2011 at 10:18 pm #

    The gator picture is outstanding! Plus, the Pure Magic ice cream place sounds great. When we are in the area we’ll be sure to check it out!

  3. Allen DuGuay December 5, 2011 at 11:31 am #

    I like both shots, if I had to pick the alligator is my favorite. Nice your getting your Pickle Ball time in. Have a great week.