West Orange Trail

We were supposed to join Bob & Julie for a bike ride today along West Orange Trail but yesterday afternoon Chris suffered another adverse reaction to a fire ant bite on one of her toes.  Yep…all swollen and blistered up……again!  I guess the fire ants have good taste!  So Chris stayed home with Teddy while the three of us headed north on US 27 to Clermont and picked up West Orange Trail at the Minneola Trailhead which is not too far from the Citrus tower.  Chris and I last cycled this paved trail as far as Winter Garden in 2008.  At that time we had our bichon Buddy in the Burley trailer.  Today it was just three of us on bicycles, no trailer.  The trail is 14 feet wide and more or less follows within a few 100 yards of Hwy 50.  Pretty easy cycling with some nice hills thrown in for good measure.  None of us have cycled recently so we kept today’s ride fairly short.  About 15 miles in all, round trip to Killareney Station and back.  Next time we’ll go into Winter Garden for a little sightseeing.

We were going to take two separate vehicles this morning but when Chris couldn’t make it, we managed to load all three bikes in or on the Vue.  While loading the Bob & Julie’s bikes, we saw the MetLife blimp sail over the campground and I managed to grab a quick shot of it.  Most of the time I see this blimp while watching PGA golf on TV.  Wonder if there was a tournament going on nearby somewhere perhaps?

Chris cleaned up Phaeton Place in preparation for the arrival of Matt & Sarah tomorrow afternoon.  I gave Teddy a bath before we went for our bike ride this morning.  He needs grooming but we’ll leave that until the kids are here.  So tomorrow we are stopping at Camping World to return a water pressure regulator that doesn’t work properly and then we’re off to the airport to grab the kids.  Might even stop at Florida Mall on the way home for a little shopping.  Yeah…..I know…..me and shopping malls don’t generally appear in the same sentence very often.:)