A Little Photo Magic

I previously posted the above sunset sailing photo here on this blog on Jan 14, 2012 after editing it in Photoshop CS5 on my new Mac Book Pro.  I was more or less trying to get comfortable with Photoshop CS5 on a Mac Book Pro versus my Toshiba Qosmio Windows 7 laptop and was happy to see that there were not too many differences at all, just have to get used to some different short cut key sequences.  Since that time I’ve come across a couple of new items to further enhance my photographs. The first thing I found was Frameshop, a free framing and matting script for Photoshop compliments of Joe Colson Photography.

“FrameShop is a script for Adobe Photoshop designed to give the photographer a variety of mat and frame styles for displaying digital images on the Web. Unlike the PrintEXIF and GalleryFrame scripts that preceded FrameShop, this script is more versatile and lets the user choose sizes, fonts, text position, colors and styles, offering an (almost) endless number of combinations. Like PrintEXIF, it gives the user the option to display EXIF data in the mat or frame, and like GalleryFrame, it has an option to double the size of the bottom mat dimension (Gallery mat) for a gallery mat style.”

I played around with different colored frames and mattes and really like the overlay matte because it makes the sailboat look like its jumping out of the frame.  Once you have the desired effects entered into FrameShop’s menu, it’s a simple matter of clicking the run button and letting the script save your revised photo at a location and resolution of your choosing.  Can’t get much simpler than that!  I’ve tried a couple of different versions and posted them here as well.  I like one below the best mainly because the overlay covers more of the area within the frame but I’ll let my readers choose which one they like the best.

The next little gem I discovered is a new Photoshop plugin just released by Topaz Labs.  The Star Effects plugin is marvelous and makes it incredibly easy to add star bursts around any light source in a photograph.  I used this plugin on the two framed shots of the sail boat to add a subtle star burst effect to the sun as it pokes through the sails.  The effect is configurable in dozens of different ways and so easy to use.  At only $19.99 for the introductory price, it really is a steal.

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  1. Erin January 29, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

    I like that 3D’ish effect on that sailboat sunset picture. Would make a great print to hang on the wall.