American Alligator

American AlligatorWe had a quiet day around TT Peace River today.  A little pickleball this morning for me while Chris continued working on her nutrition course.  Teddy enjoyed his time out under the awning in his pen stirring on occasion to remind us it was time for his walk.  Bob & Julie joined us for supper outside this evening.  Chris made a great lasagna with freshly made bread, garlic butter and salad.  We followed that up with a little euchre.  Guys against the ladies and the ladies won….again.

I managed to spend some time on the river bank with my camera before supper.  The late afternoon light made for some very warm tones as evidenced in today’s gator photo.  Lots of interested looks as I stood on the bank with my 500mm lens mounted on my tripod taking photos of this very patient alligator.  I’m pretty sure it isn’t the same gator we saw yesterday afternoon.  This one looks to be a little smaller and also has all four of it’s legs whereas yesterday’s gator looked to be missing the right front leg.  There are probably a half dozen gators in the river plus some across the road at Pioneer Park as well so I suspect they get around a fair bit.

On my search for Mac based personal finance software, I’ve pretty well written off iBank 4.  I tried importing my Quicken data in a QIF file into iBank 4 and it was totally garbled with outlandish amounts in many of our accounts.  Instead of trying to import my data again in hopes of sorting things out, I dug a little deeper on a few of the Mac Software sites and discovered See Finance, a relative newcomer on the personal finance software scene.  It had glowing reports and also was available in a trial version to try.  Once downloaded and installed on my Mac Book Pro, importing my data was a relatively seamless process with very few problems.  The only thing that did not import over was the budget data in Quicken but that should be simple enough to set up by hand and I’ll give that a try soon.  See Finance easily handles downloads from Canadian banks too, as well as imports from Pocket Money on my iPhone for my day to day spending.  All in all, I’d have to say I’m pretty happy with See Finance thus far

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  1. Erin January 11, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

    Love the gator … double the pleasure with the reflection.