Bay 16 – Air Conditioner Leaking

We were up early this morning waiting to be summoned to a service bay and went into Bay 16 around 11 am.  Kevin, our tech, is wonderful and has things well in hand.  He used a moisture meter (protimeter) with a couple of small probes on it to determine that there was indeed moisture inside our ceiling panels.  Dry areas light up as green, wet areas light as red.  The air conditioners….we have three a/c units on the roof ….all drain out the back of the motorhome.  Water from each is routed to the back of he motorhome via drain hoses and given the amount of moisture evident in the ceiling, there is almost certainly a break or hole in the drain hose from the front air conditioner.  The hoses are only about an inch under the outer shell of the roof so it is entirely possible that a screw may have gone through the drain hose when they reinstalled our Datastorm satellite dish after our roof replacement in Nov 2010. Most importantly, we never had any leaking issues before our roof replacement, only after.  Our Datastorm was installed in Oct 2009 and worked flawlessly from day one.  Thankfully we have not needed to run our front a/c too often anyway.

So Kevin has removed the trim, vents, lighting, etc and also pulled off a large chunk of plywood and styrofoam from one ceiling panel.  He has located the drain hose and will next try to locate the leak.  Hopefully that will be found and repaired tomorrow.  I expect perhaps as many as three complete ceiling panels may have to be replaced but once the trim was removed, it looks to be a pretty straight forward process to replace the panels.  Time will tell.  I’m hoping they may have a fiber optic camera to put up into the ceiling and find the leak.  Phaeton Place will remain in Bay 16 until all repairs have been completed.  Tiffin is putting us up in one of their on site trailers for a few nights as we simply can’t stay in the motorhome with all the work being done.