Bye Bye Orlando

Sweat pants, socks and a long sleeved jersey were the order of dress for us today.  I woke up around 4 am to the sound of the wind buffeting the side of the motorhome.  We have our awning out with the sun shade staked into the ground but the wind was threatening to do some damage to it or the motorhome so I nipped outside and managed to get it down and properly stowed between wind gusts with no harm done.  Can’t be too careful with the awning in wind.

My thanks to Rick Rousseau for suggesting I try using an ethernet cable for transferring data from my old Windows 7 PC to my new Mac Book Pro.  I pulled that method up online last night and plan to give it a try once we are settled back in Peace River.  I stopped in at Best Buy to return the firewire 800/400 cable on our way to the airport with the kids this afternoon.  We got them to the airport just before 3 pm and said our goodbyes at the curb.  One last photo with my iPhone to mark the end of a great two week stay in Florida.  Note the warmer clothes they are wearing.  They needed those warmer clothes for the chilly weather in Orlando!  Looks like we’ll be below freezing for tonight as well before temps start to rebound.

We are leaving TT Orlando a day earlier than scheduled.  We’ll head out to Lazydays in Seffner near Tampa on Wednesday afternoon and overnight in their parking lot so that we can get in first thing on Thursday morning to have our front air conditioner serviced on Tiffin’s dime.  I reported some weeks ago that it still leaks water inside after running for about ten minutes, so I suspect whatever repair was done in Colton, CA last spring on our way north back into Canada did not fix things properly.  Tiffin has agreed to pick up all repair costs because the air conditioner was likely not properly reinstalled following our roof replacement in November 2010.  Anyway, we thought we may as well poke around here in the morning for a bit before hitting the road for Seffner around mid afternoon tomorrow.  We could have stayed in Orlando for one more night but we’d have to be on the road by about 6:30 am in order to make our 8 am appointment on Thursday morning.  Certainly doable, but why wake the whole neighbourhood needlessly if there is an easier way.  I-4 can be a bit of a parking lot during rush hour times too so no point taking any chances.

TT Orlando is pretty crowded at the moment with most if not all 50 amp sites in G section already for.  There was an opening across from us this morning which was soon filled by a motorhome who’s owner was nice enough to knock on our door asking me move our car so he could get into his site more easily.   I never have a problem doing this.  It’s always easier to move the car than to risk needless damage from a careless or inexperienced RVer.  I was a little surprised to see the owner position his motorhome along the right hand edge of the pavement in order to back into a site on the left side of the road opposite us.  No wonder I was asked to move our car!  He was lined up on the WRONG side of the road! We very nearly lost a mirror on our motorhome and he almost hit a tree in the site next to us because he was at least 8 feet into our site while backing in across the road.  Even with all that space, he still couldn’t hit the paved site.  No apology or anything after he finally got it into his site either.  Several of the other owners out for a walk just shook their heads at these needless antics.  I’m no expert by any means but at least I’ve got the basics down pat.  Anyway, no harm done…..thankfully!