Chris & Marie Getting Busy!

We pulled into TT Orlando last Thursday around 10 am and managed to get a nice 50 amp site that backs on to the forested area in G section.  After quickly setting up, Chris & Marie went on a shopping trip to Winter Garden looking for a sweatshirt and other quilting supplies to make a quilted jacket.  Chris had seen Marie wearing one she had made herself and was immediately interested in making one for herself.  Marie used to teach quilting and graciously offered to coach Chris through the process.  It also gave Chris an opportunity to put her Bernina machine to good use.  She’s been wanting to spend more time quilting and Marie’s help came at the perfect time.

Keith & Marie only had a few days left at TT Orlando before moving south to TT Peace River on Sunday morning so the girls worked feverishly all day Friday & Saturday putting the jacket together.  Marie is a fabulous teacher and Chris was a quick study as well so things progressed fairly quickly and smoothly.  The sounds of the Bernina and serger had both of them smiling and chatting all day long.  It was nice to see how teamwork aids getting a job done.

Here is the rough version of her quilted jacket.  Still needs bias binding added for the collar, waist, sleeves, etc but you get the idea.  Love the color combinations.  I expect a few friends and family members will be interested in this pattern.  Great job girls!!

We all managed to duck out to Yalaha Bakery for a wonderful German lunch on Friday afternoon. It gave the girls a much needed break from quilting and we all love German food.  Keith & Marie know all the best places to eat too and had been dying to take us to this bakery.  The food was wonderful and so was the baking.  Needless to say we just had to have a few treats to take home with us too.

So Chris is now finishing off the binding and then her first work of art will be ready for some serious modeling.  A huge gigantic thank you to Marie for being such a wonderful teacher and congratulations to both ladies for a job well done!