Foley Alabama Railroad Museum

L & N Locomotive

It rained heavily again this morning so we put off our plans to visit the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola, FL until tomorrow morning instead.  We’ll pack up Phaeton Place and head for the Air Museum on Monday morning for a stop and tour before continuing on towards Topsail Hill Preserve State Park for a couple of nights.  The museum has RV and bus parking so we should haven’t any problems and Teddy can stay inside in comfort while we tour the museum.  The weather hasn’t cooperated very well during our stay near Foley.  Lots of rain and fog unfortunately, so we are hoping for a couple of nice dry and sunny days at Topsail.  I was hoping to do a little bird photography while here but the sky has been so low and the lighting so flat that there weren’t many birds around at all.

L & N Locomotive

We did a little shopping today at the huge mall in Daphne, AL and then at Tanger Outlets in Foley, AL.  Chris was looking for a plain ordinary sweatshirt to use for a quilting project that Marie Richards & she are going to tackle once we get back to Orlando later next week.  No go on the sweatshirt so far but I’m sure Chris will come up with something in time.  We popped into the Railroad Museum to have a look but unfortunately it is closed on Sundays.  I did take some HDR shots of the great old 1905 General Electric L & N locomotive on display outside the museum though. The top shot is a little more grungy than the bottom one but I like the way they both turned out.

So the plan is to spend some time at Naval Air Museum until mid afternoon and then roll into Topsail for a 3 pm check in time tomorrow, assuming of course the weather will be half decent in the Topsail area for at least a couple of days.  If the weather looks iffy, we may have to reconsider Topsail as well.  We took another drive along the gulf this afternoon and it was so socked in with fog that traffic was just crawling along.  At least it’s sunny in Orlando right now!

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  1. JC January 23, 2012 at 11:14 am #

    Sorry to hear about your trip to the Navel Air Museum. Unfortunately you will only see about half of it if you do it as described. Probably too late for this info, but I think the Blue Angels do a free practice show on Monday mornings.