We left TT Orlando on Wednesday afternoon, Jan 4th, and spent the night in the their parking lot in order to be on time for our 8:30 am appointment yesterday morning.  Ever since we had our roof replaced in Nov 2010, we’ve been having trouble with our front air conditioner leaking water into the motorhome after it has been running for about ten minutes. We had it looked at in southern California last spring and thought the matter had been successfully resolved but we have not needed to run the front a/c until we got to Florida.  Turns out the water leak is still there.  Lazydays assigned a tech to it for most of yesterday and he finally diagnosed the problem as a faulty drain hose which is inside the ceiling under the roof.  The only way to repair the damage is to remove the ceiling panels one at a time from the front of the coach and work our way back, so perhaps as many as three or four panels may need to be removed.  The possibility of dampness in the ceiling is also likely.  We immediately called Don Boyd in Red Bay and managed to arrange a service bay appointment in Red Bay for us on January 16th.  I’m not impressed we have to go back to the Tiffin service center in Red Bay, AL so soon after our last trip there in November, but it is the only way to get this thing sorted out once and for all and the service center will be less busy now than in April when we are on our way back to Canada. I’ll be speaking with Bob Tiffin about their covering our fuel costs on Monday.  It was late when we finally managed to clear out of the Lazydays service center and we managed to get our salesman at Lazydays to get us a free night at their campground instead of spending another night in their parking lot.  Thank you so much Demond!!

While wandering around the Lazydays parking lot with Teddy, we saw the above multicolored motorhome pull up in the parking lot.  We both thought it was some eccentric RVer with a radical new paint job on his Serengeti but it turns out that the color panel is actually samples of a new type of paint being sold by a dealer heading for the Tampa RV Show next week.  We were the first Canadians to see the new colors on offer.  Apparently this paint is cutting edge stuff.  The rose colored panel you can see between the white and green panel actually changes to four different colors as you walk by the panel.  The rear most panel is pretty funky looking alligator skin also available in a variety of colors.  Pretty cool stuff.  It didn’t take long before a crowd of people had gathered to have a look at the colored panels.

We decided to head for our reservation at TT Peace River this morning.  We called yesterday to tell them we were delayed in Tampa but would definitely arrive on Friday.  We are expecting some package deliveries this week so we really had to be in Wauchula before heading for Red Bay next week.  A little out of our way but it can’t be helped.  It was nice to see some familiar faces upon our arrival: Lee & Judy, Lou & Carol, Bob & Laverne, Bob & Julie, Garth & Rosemary.  We found a spot in the lower meadow for our coach and then headed up to the pickleball court to say hi to everyone.  No pickleball for us until tomorrow morning.  All the full hook up sites are taken so we may just remain in the meadow and dump if we have to.  Bob & Julie joined us for supper at Pioneer restaurant in Zolfo Springs.  First time we’ve been there since 2009.  Nothing has changed, the food is excellent and plentiful.  Bob & I had the catfish fillet, Chris the haddock and Julie wrapped her jaws around a huge burger.  Didn’t she pose nicely for this one?  I told her it was going on the blog….so here it is.

So we’ll head up to the Tampa RV show in the Vue next Thursday and then for Red Bay in the motorhome on Friday.  We tried to get a couple of nights at the Lazyday campground before heading to Red Bay but they were full up, so we’ll hang out here in Wauchula until later next week and then push north.  We figure three days should get us there sometime Sunday afternoon, in plenty of time for our Monday morning appointment.