More Galleries Added

I’ve added a few more links in the Galleries drop down menu above.  The screenshot feature built in to my Mac Book Pro is quite handy and I’ve used it to grab a couple of shots of the new gallery pages.  For those of you with a Mac, the scalable screenshot feature is accessible using Command + Shift + “4”.  This will change your cursor to a small cross hair and it’s then simply a matter of using the trackpad to correctly position the cross hair where you wish to start, hard click on the track pad and then zoom out the box as far as you want for your screenshot.  Letting go of the hard click stops the screenshot process and the selection is automatically saved as a .png file on the Desktop.  The first two photos in today’s post use the scalable screenshot feature.There is also a full screen screenshot feature using Command + Shift + “3”.  No adjustable cross hairs here, just the sound of a camera shutter clicking over your speakers and a full shot of your screen is saved as a .png file to the Desktop.

I’m really liking how my photos, well any photos really ;), look on the the anti glare screen.  Chris can see the photos clearly from an angle sitting off to the side.  My Toshiba Qosmio has a glossy screen and I had to always turn the laptop so she could look at the screen dead on if she wanted to see a photo more clearly.  Well done Apple!  When I ordered my Mac Book Pro from Amazon, I also ordered a number of, shall we say …..essential:)…..upgrades including 16 GB of RAM, 256 GB Solid State Drive, a Speck hard plastic protective shell and a number of other items.  Well those items are pretty well all here now, so once I have the installation procedures down pat on paper, I’ll be peeling off the bottom cover and installing everything.  Doubtful I’ll get to it until we are sitting in Red Bay though.

TT Peace River is the fullest we have seen it so far this winter.  All the full hook up sites are taken as are the river front sites, but there is still plenty of room in the meadow where we are.  We may get a full hook up site today or tomorrow.  There haven’t been too many sites available in the daily lottery at 1 pm but we are at or near the top of the list so a sewer site may be ours soon.  We are fine where we are and if a sewer site doesn’t free up we can always dump ourselves or pay for a dump too.  Actually, the lower meadow is farthest from the highway so traffic noise is really minimal.

Chris & I both played pickleball this morning.  She hasn’t played in over a month because of fire ant bites on her foot but that is almost healed now.  There were a good number of players at the courts and it was nice to see both courts busy past noon.  Chris & Julie managed a little beading time this afternoon while I struck out finding a barber shop that was open on a Saturday afternoon in Wauchula.  Looks like a haircut will have to wait until Monday.  The ladies are off to Bradenton in the morning for a little shopping and time on the beach.  Teddy & I will man the fort here.

Tiffin has confirmed we have an appointment in Red Bay on January 16th to have our front a/c repaired.  Hoping that goes smoothly and we are on our way back into Florida within the week.  We’ll start heading for Red Bay on Friday, January 13th!  Oh..Oh!!  We go back to TT Orlando on Jan 26th for three weeks before heading to the Rambler’s Rest Encore park in Venice, FL for two weeks on Feb 16th.  They had a promotional deal for Thousand Trails members so we jumped on a two week stay there for $120/week.  Somewhere new to see in Florida and all our friends who have spent time there promise we will love it.  There is a great bird sanctuary immediately behind the Highway Patrol office in Venice with hundreds of nesting great blue heron, egrets, anhingas, cormorants, etc. so you know where I’ll be spending most of my time.  Looking forward to finally breaking out my 500 mm lens and tripod.


  1. Erin January 9, 2012 at 8:45 pm #

    I love the screenshot feature — I use the Cmd+Sh+4 all the time :-))) Good luck in Red Bay; hopefully all will be fixed quickly and easily.

  2. Margie January 9, 2012 at 8:14 am #

    Sorry you have to return to Red Bay. We’re hoping we don’t have to spend any more time there this year. Our dash air conditioner runs, but doesn’t blow cold air. We were at Red Bay a few months ago to have the wet bay repaired on our Phaeton. Wondering if you are going to the Allegro Club Rally in Sarasota in March. We have our reservations. We winter in Davenport, so it will just be about a 2 hour drive.