Motorhome Mishap

Not to worry….this didn’t happen to us but rather to an unfortunate couple who tried to turn around their tag axle motorhome on a grassy section of Section G instead of sticking to the pavement.  Once on the grass they tried to reverse back onto the pavement spinning their drive axle wheels through the grass and down into the sand.  It wasn’t long before the motorhome was hopelessly stuck.  It took three separate visits from three different tow trucks and most of the day until they finally succeeded in pulling out the motorhome.  Coach Net comes through again.  No damage resulted either!  All’s well that ends well.



Successful Removal

We saw something else this afternoon while driving out of the park that totally surprised us. Generally speaking, most RV owners arriving at a park check in and are given a site for the duration of their stay.  The RV driver pulls up to the site and either backs in to it or drives straight into a pull through site.  Well today we saw an older gentleman in a Class C motorhome towing a dolly approach his assigned back in site in Section F.  He never even tried to back in to his site.  Instead, he drove completely off the road onto the grass along side of another motorhome opposite his assigned site until his motorhome and dolly were in a straight line.  Once they were, he backed straight out and across the street into his assigned site.  The owner of the motorhome he pulled up along side of was not home at the time or else I’m sure he would have had something to say.  I know I certainly would have.  Thankfully the absentee owner did not have his awning out or else that would have been ruined.  Unfrigging believable!

I’m posting a short video (29 seconds) of the actual removal by the tow truck.  Notice the huge chock blocks on the ground to the left of the tow truck to stop it sliding to the left when pulling on the motorhome.  Only one boom cable was used and it was attached directly to the 10000 lb hitch on the back of the motorhome.  Pretty sure there was no damage to any of the wheels, undercarriage or storage bay doors so a great job all around.  Notice the shadows on the street.  There were quite a few people gathered to watch the main event.