National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, Florida

National Naval Aviation Museum

We left Robertsdale, Alabama around 9 am this morning and headed east on I-10 to Pensacola.  We were a little concerned that our weather radio had gone off early this morning with a tornado advisory but there was nothing else on TV to corroborate the alert so we headed east regardless.  The highlight of our day was a tour of the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL.  We drove Phaeton Place right through town and onto the military base without incident.  Plenty of bus and RV parking at the museum.  We left Teddy in the motorhome while we toured the museum.  The two hangars we toured were very impressive with all types of vintage and modern aircraft on display.  We also tried two rides in one of the simulators which was pretty cool.  This was Chris’s first time in a simulator but I hadn’t been in one since my military pilot screening in Germany back in 1974.  This one wasn’t quite as realistic as I remembered but the bumps and turns gave us both a few chuckles.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t hang around long enough for the 1 pm trolley ride out to the flight line.  We just didn’t have that much time if we wanted to get over to the Destin area before dark.  Lunch in the museum’s cafe was excellent.

I focused primarily on HDR photographs of the aircraft today.  I love the way the sleek lines of the aircraft jump out against the sky and roof lines of the hangar.  I processed the shots in Lightroom 3 using Nik HDR Efex Pro and then put what I think are my best shots into a Print Template inside of Lightroom which produced the above collage.  I’ll add the individual photos to my HDR gallery in due course.  As usual, this collage (actually just another photo) can be enlarged by clicking on it.  All comments appreciated.

We headed east out of Pensacola along Hwy 98 after lunch bound for Destin and Topsail Hill Preserve State Park for a couple of nights.  This is a very nice park with paved sites and full hook ups including cable TV.  It’s a bit of a hike to the beach from our spot in site 70 but Teddy enjoyed the walk as far as the beach.  Unfortunately, they have a rule against having dogs on the beach.  We really don’t understand the need for such a rule but in our experience most Florida beaches have the same rule.  I guess it’s okay for birds and other animals to poop on the beach just not dogs…..and we always clean up after Teddy anyway.  For $50 a night, I think state parks should be a little more animal friendly.

Julie called from Orlando this evening after supper wondering if we were okay.  Apparently there were quite a few tornadoes across Alabama today with some injuries and even deaths resulting.  We assured her we are both fine and enjoying our time at Topsail.

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  1. Erin January 24, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    Looks like I’m going to have to check out using a print template to create a collage; for now, I use Picasa to create them … works well, but it would be nice to be able to do them within LR.