Red Bay, Alabama

Our stay at Cracker Barrel in Tifton, GA was a little noisy.  Yes, the traffic contributed to a poor night’s sleep but the sound of our propane furnaces kicking in and out all night long didn’t help matters much either.  We usually just have a space heater on at night to keep the chill off inside but while traveling the only option is to use the propane furnaces.  We have two of them in our coach but we left the front one off and closed the pocket door to make our aft area just a little easier to heat.  We moved Teddy’s cage in with us too so we were all warm enough….just not used to the background traffic and furnace noise is all. 

The Cracker Barrel is right off I-75 so traffic noise was pretty constant.  Today’s drive took us east on US 82/280 through Albany and Columbus, GA on into Alabama.  We skirted the edge of Fort Benning and were impressed at the size of this huge military base.  We didn’t think pictures would be a good idea so just kept on rolling.  We had blue sky and moderate temperatures all the way.  Crossing the Chattahoochee River into Alabama was very cool.  Gazing at the many Sweet Home Alabama license plates had us both wondering if the state of Alaabama had to pay any kind of royalties to the band Lynyrd Skynyrd who had a hit single with that very title back in 1974.  Anybody know the answer to that one?

We continued on into Birmingham and made a pit stop at Costco for about an hour.  Their parking lot was tight and pretty busy but I made in and out without any problems.  After a another stop for diesel fuel and propane at Flying J we decided to push on into Red Bay via Hwy 78.  This road  was also posted as a “future”‘ I-22 corridor so we’re thinking there must be a little future planning going on here somewhere.  Now that is always good to see.  No indications as to when that will happen though.  We rolled into Red Bay about 5 pm and checked in without any problems.  The campground has at least twenty empty sites at the moment so we are hoping for a quick in and out next week.  Water is shut off but we filled to about 70% from a spigot that was still working.  Power and sewer not affected by the cold weather.  We were assigned site #4 which is next to a grassy area for walking Teddy.  We were asked at check in if we had an appointment and I told them yes but without a confirmation number, they consider us as NOT having an appointment.  Following my conversation with Don Boyd several weeks ago, we are hopeful that we will indeed be in for service on Monday morning as promised regardless if we have an “official” appointment or not.

So we are using Sunday as a rest day after two long days of driving.  It was an easy drive but its always nice to get to where you are going and set up house as we like.  I’ve managed to move most of my photos from smaller external hard drives we’ve been using for the last few years to my Synology DS211+ RAID system.  Unfortunately, I’ve got one Seagate 1 TB GoFlex drive which crashed on me earlier this year and I am still having trouble recovering any data from it even using Seagate’s data recovery software.  Not sure what the next step will be but I’m certainly not paying Seagate $600 to recover my photos.  If anyone has any other ideas on how to recover my photos from that drive, I’m all ears.  Today’s photos take us back to warmer temperatures than we’ll be experiencing here in Red Bay for the next few days.  Enjoy!


  1. Erin January 15, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

    Great photos … I like them all, but the artsy look of the beach scene I love. May things go smoothly and quickly at Red Bay.

  2. Tom Van de Bussche January 15, 2012 at 6:09 pm #

    Mark, enjoyed our visit with you, Chris and Teddy this morning. Hope you get repairs completed and out of here by Wednesday. We are hoping they can find our problem and we can be on our way on Monday.

    Like your pictures.