Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

We enjoyed out short stay at Topsail and managed to get in a lot of walking with Teddy, although none on the beach because it is closed to pets.  Shame really that state parks such as this one are anti pets and for this reason alone we will have to think twice before we book into a state park again.  The park itself is very nice with lots of grass and paved sites throughout.  I don’t think they were even a third full.

We walked along some of the trails inside the park and were surprised to see selective burn areas on one side of the trail where the under brush in the pine forest had recently been burned off.  The other side of the trail was still lush and green so I’m not sure how they decide which area gets torched and which doesn’t.  Probably done on a seasonal rotation basis.

We hit the road east just after 8 am this morning and followed Hwy 98 to Panama City.  We tried to get into a Raceway station in Panama City at US 231 but the entrance was impossible to negotiate safely so we headed north up to Hwy 20 where we again turned east for about 50 miles until we managed to get back to Hwy 98 and Perry, FL.  We lucked into a Texaco station selling diesel for $3.79/gallon while every other place we saw was at or even over $4.00/gallon.  Works out to $1.00/litre which is cheaper than we get it for in Ontario.  Once in Perry it was onto Alt 27 on into Ocala where we pulled into the Cracker Barrel at exit 350 for the night.  We stayed here back in 2007 and they still allows RVs to stay over night.  In fact, there are two Motorhomes overnighting and both are from Ontario…..go figure!

Supper at Cracker Barrel was great as usual.  We took Teddy for a nice long walk after supper and are now settled in watching a little tv before bed.  On to Thousand Trails Orlando in the morning.