Catfish for Dinner

Double Crested Cormorant Fishing

Lee & Judy joined us for supper last night at Phaeton Place.  Pork Tenderloin done on the baby Weber BBQ outside along with roasted vegetables, boiled baby potatoes and a garden salad was the main course, followed by coffee with Judy’s home made key lime pie. The supper was fabulous as was the company.  Nicky & Teddy enjoyed playing with each other and chasing after all Teddy’s toys.  Of course they both managed to successfully mooch a few pieces of BBQ pork during dinner.  We chatted about their planned trip to Alaska and then I just had to show them some of yesterday’s photos from Venice Rookery. We said our good nights after taking both dogs for an evening stroll before turning in.  Both dogs play very well together and Teddy didn’t last very long after his walk before he was curled up on the bed for a snooze.

Sandhill Crane

I’m very pleased how my Venice Rookery photos turned out.  I tried something new this time out with my big lens and tripod.  I turned off the image stabilizer (IS) on my lens while shooting from the tripod and remembered to turn it back on again while shooting unsupported.  It made a lot of difference because the lens no longer thinks it has to stabilize while on the tripod.  Previously, I would always see a little blur in my tripod images but yesterday’s images look pretty sharp over all with a much higher number of keepers too.

Great Egret - Breeding Plumage

Hope you enjoy today’s photographs.  I can’t believe how lucky I was to grab the cormorant with fish shot.  I was sitting on the bank on the far side of the rookery’s pond chatting to one of the fellows from England when I noticed this cormorant dive about 40 ft out in front of where I was seated.  He surfaced with this catfish held firmly in his beak and must have played around with it for almost 5 minutes, trying to line it up his mouth properly so he could swallow it more easily.  He even dove again with the fish still in his mouth before resurfacing to give it a quick flip for alignment purposes and then down his throat went the fish.  Both myself and the other photographer were amazed at the cormorant’s dexterity.  Also, please notice the little star burst in the sandhill crane’s eye  thanks to Topaz’s Labs Star Effects.

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    Spectacular Photos