Birding at Rambler’s Rest

Wood StorkVenice, Florida

We had a wonderful day at Rambler’s Rest today.  The park sits right on the Myakka river and the dock and fish cleaning station seem to be ideal locations that attract a variety of birds throughout the day.  We popped down there today with my camera in tow while some fishermen were cleaning their catch much to the delight of a tricolored heron, a pair of wood storks and a great egret.  They all sat there patiently waiting for a few morsels to be cast in their direction while I clicked away with my camera.  The lighting wasn’t the best but I think these shots turned out pretty well all things considered.

Tri-Colored HeronVenice, Florida

Lee & I went to a nearby sportsplex to play pickleball this morning but the usual 10 am week day group must have taken the weekend off because only the tennis players were there.  So no pickleball today, but we hope to give it another go next week sometime.  Chris & I decided to groom Teddy again before his next Frontline application on Monday.  We’ve gotten quite adept at grooming his body correctly by following a YouTube video we found online, but we’ve both been a little hesitant to tackle Teddy’s head for fear of messing it up.  We watched the video again today and decided to give the entire grooming a go. We set things up on the picnic table outside.  Teddy was very patient with us and it turned out very well.  No longer is Teddy’s vision obscured by one overly long eyebrow.  Instead, he can see properly and he now has two distinctly separate eyebrows.  We also managed to clean up his cheeks so they aren’t as shaggy as before.  Sorry, but no pictures to show off Teddy’s new DO….yet!

Myakka River


  1. Donna February 19, 2012 at 12:55 pm #

    Wow that is something I’d be afraid to do to our dog ~ she is a handful!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Marsha February 19, 2012 at 8:49 am #

    We enjoy playing pickleball also but some days it is just too windy down here to play. Love the photos!