Cleaning, Visiting & A New Doodad

We’ve been pretty busy here in TT Orlando this past week.  Chris has been studying hard on her nutrition course and has almost finished her second exam.  She’s enlisted the help of many of our family & friends to help her out with case studies which are also a requirement of her course.  She still has a lot of work to do but is really enjoying her course, so thanks to my SIL, Tina, for suggesting Chris look into it last fall before we came south.

I’ve been busy playing a little pickleball in the afternoons instead of  mornings.  Mornings on the courts are just too busy lately and it takes awhile to get on the court and then for only one game as they are now switching all four players off after each game.  Not sure what the rationale is for that because it certainly doesn’t speed up the game and you still wind up playing with the same players almost every game too.  Tom & Connie are back in the park as well as Dave & Debbie, who we haven’t seen since 2009, and Allan & Susan, an English couple who are also good players even though they are just learning the game.  It’s nice to play some more competitive matches every now and then.  Chris is still nursing a cough but hopes to be back on the courts soon.


I’ve been spending a couple of  hours each day giving Phaeton Place a good external cleaning for the past few days.  There is lots of pollen and dust in Orlando area this year.  I was up on the roof the other day and everything is in great shape up there.  I also find it much quicker and easier to clean the roof radius from above than spending hours perched on top of a ladder and cleaning from below.  I used to be able to wash and wax the motorhome in one day when we first got it but more recently I find it easier to just spend a couple of hours a day and just break up the job into more manageable chunks.  It hadn’t rained in Orlando for almost a month so but of course it poured last night after I had just finished the passenger side of Phaeton Place.  TT Orlando has watering restrictions in place this year, so washing of cars and RVs is prohibited in the park.  I’ve been using Dri-Wash instead and like the results I am getting on both the body and windows.  I also know that The Solution Cleaner is a popular waterless cleaning product but haven’t given it a try yet, although there are a couple of people selling it in the park, so I might see if I can get a sample to try.

The Solution


Regular readers may recall that we popped into Lazydays in Seffner, FL last month to have them sort out our front air conditioner leak problem.  We wound up driving to Red Bay to have that repair done by Tiffin.  Anyway, while checking in for service at Lazydays, I asked if they could top up our tires with nitrogen as well.  We bought Phaeton Place at Lazydays in 2009 and had Tyron rings installed on the front wheels and nitrogen filled all our tires as part of the deal.  Well, some of the tires had bled off a little nitrogen and I needed them topped up just to be safe.  No more than 10 psi per tire max but Lazydays quoted me $40 per tire to have them topped!!!  Of course I said no thank you.  Talk about price gouging.  Anyway, while checking into TT Orlando almost three weeks ago, I noticed a business card for Nitro Tire, a mobile nitrogen filling service in the Orlando area.  Chad Smith is the owner and really nice guy.  He’s a fire fighter by day but is running this business on his off time.  He showed up with his van yesterday morning which contained a computerized cascade filling system and topped of all my tires in less than an hour and for only $70 too!  Great job, great service and at a very reasonable price too!  Chad is working on a website at the moment and I would definitely recommend him for any nitrogen fill or top up needs you may have.  I’ve got his email and phone number if anyone is interested.

Smart Light 1000

We were hoping to get to the Tampa RV show last month but our unexpected trip to Red Bay put a damper on those plans.  One of the things I was hoping to pick up at the RV show was a Smart Light 1000, motion sensing door light, to replace the stock door light from Tiffin.  I did a little searching online and found the best price on a black unit with a 200 lumen LED light was from  Shipping brought the total to about $60 and it arrived in Orlando in only two days.  I haven’t installed it yet but it looks pretty simple.  The only thing I’ll need to buy is some black silicone caulking to make a waterproof seal against the body of the motorhome.  I see lots of rigs in the park here with this motion sensor light and it works really well.  In fact, I believe Tiffin is now installing them as a stock item on all units.

We took a run down to Sebring last night to see Bob & Julie who are staying at Buttonwood Bay for the whole month.  What a nice park that is.  Lots of park models but also quite few RV sites as well.  Chris & Julie took the dogs for a walk while Bob & I relaxed under their awning.  Traffic was pretty slow heading south out of Clermont area until we reached Lake Wales.  We met other friends, Keith & Marie and Bob & Cathy Hughes at Homers Buffet in Sebring for supper.  It was great to see a table full of friends chatting about their traveling experiences.  The food wasn’t real great though, I have to say, but the conversation more than made up for it.  Silly me I forgot my camera too!

One last thing….TT Orlando had a problem with a water main the other day so we are using our tank for water until they lift the boil water notice, hopefully later today.