Clermont, Florida

Lake Minneola

Chris finally felt well enough to play pickleball this morning for a couple of hours.  She’s been battling this dry cough for almost two weeks now and hasn’t been getting much sleep.  We enjoyed a couple of hours of play before heading back to Phaeton Place to get cleaned up.  We’d thought about perhaps going to the Webster flea market today but thought better of it this morning.  Instead, we opted to go for a drive around Clermont this afternoon.  Our first stop was at Sugar Mama’s Bake Shoppe in old town for a couple of coffees and cup cakes.  Chris & Julie have enjoyed a cup cake or two here in the past while overlooking Lake Minneola and Chris thought her & I should do the same today.  I must admit the scenery was pretty good.

Kern House

We took a drive around the lake after finishing our coffees and saw some sprawling homes along the water.  Always nice to see how the other half lives.  We went full circle and finally ended up at the historic village on the lake.  It’s normally open to the public but for some reason it was closed today.  Kern House was built in 1885 and moved from Montrose Street to its current location in the village in 2006.  I managed to pop out for a few photographs while Chris & Teddy stayed in the Vue.  Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on village grounds, leashed or not.  Another silly pet rule and we’ve seen quite a few of those in Florida this year.  This last shot turned out the best and I think the frame really sets it off.  You can just imagine sitting on the porch in this rocker back in the old days!