Doggie Park

Teddy On The Chase

A little cooler this morning which made for a perfect walk over to the dog park with Teddy after breakfast.  Some mornings we have the place to ourselves but this morning there must have been 6 small dogs including a small rescue dog named Rudy, who Teddy loves chasing around the dog park.  They were both a little slow getting the chase going this morning because of the extra dogs but once the other dogs left, they were both off to the raises.  Rudy is 2 yrs old and a little quicker than Teddy but Teddy held his own and dished it out as well as he took it from Rudy.  We brought a soft frisbee toy with us which also went over well in the chase department and it also doubled as a soft water dish when Teddy stopped for a drink on the way home.  You can see Chris throwing the ring in the shot below.

  I’m not real thrilled with today’s pictures as the shutter speed wasn’t high enough to stop the action in sharp detail, so both shots are a little fuzzy, but you get the idea…..lots of fun in the doggie park today!  Of course trying to pan with a dog as he bobs and weaves at mach 1 takes a little practice too.

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  1. Rick Rousseau February 26, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

    Mark on the newer DSLRs you should be able to adjust your camera to a sports setting and widen the field of the shot so when you’re panning it should work out. You may shoot a burst of five to ten frames but this allows the choice of the best with a simple cropping of the excess background.


    It’s about time.