Heat is on in Venice!

Overnight temps in Venice barely dropped below 70F and by 10 am this morning we had the doors and windows closed so we could bump on the air conditioners.  I think we reached about 88F this afternoon but it was nice and cool inside our motorhome.  We managed to get Teddy out for a couple of walks during the day but he wasn’t enjoying the heat too much.  We’d walk along and Tedy would sit down in a shady spot and refuse to go any further.  He did have a couple of good plays dates with other dogs in the park today though.  One this morning while it was still cool in an area known as the unofficial dog park because it isn’t fenced and everyone walks their dogs there, the other at the real dog park around 6 pm this evening where he got to tussle with a 2 yr old rescue dog named Rudy who was about Teddy’s size.  They loved being able to run around off leash.  Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be more of the same so we are hoping to go back to the dog beach n Venice.

We stayed home today where Chris worked some more on her nutrition course and I processed a few more images from Venice Rookery. The great blue heron above reminds me of the velociraptor from the movie Jurassic Park.  They do say birds really are modern day dinosaurs and there is definitely a resemblance.  We were surprised to receive our coffee order from coffeeforless.com after only two days.  We ordered online on Tuesday evening, it shipped Wednesday morning and arrived this morning.  Not bad and shipping was free too!

I uploaded these photos from my Dropbox account.  After recently losing about 9 months worth of photos stored on an external Seagate drive, I decided I had to revise my backup and storage philosophy.  We have a 4TB Synology RAID system in the motorhome to which we do regular backups but I’ve also started backing up all my uploaded photos to Dropbox as well.  So far so good even though I’m still only using the free Dropbox account.  Not sure if I’ll upgrade to the paid Dropbox account after I’ve used up the 5 GB  of free space.  The nice thing about Dropbox is that it puts a Dropbox folder on your computer which functions exactly like any other computer folder which in my case enables me to upload photos from Dropbox to the blog.  Pretty slick!

A few more Venice Rookery photos for you to enjoy.

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  1. Erin February 25, 2012 at 6:18 am #

    I like DropBox too, but don’t use it for backing up; just to access files from different computers without having to worry about all computers needing to be on. Haven’t had time to check out the options in this blog (except for Time Machine, which I do use), but maybe there’s something here that will work for you: http://www.mactricksandtips.com/2012/02/seven-great-backup-solutions-for-your-mac.html