Jigsaw Glider Puzzle Toy

The heat wave we’ve been experiencing in Venice the past 4 days broke last night.  Things cooled off nicely and it even rained briefly around 5 am this morning.  We’d just got back from walking Teddy last night before bedtime when Judy called saying she and Lee were at the hospital.  Lee’s back had been bothering him to the point he had to lay down yesterday afternoon but when things didn’t improve they made the decision to go to the hospital to get it checked out.  Anyway, we agreed to take Nicky for a walk before bed just in case they didn’t get home in the next few hours.  Nicky appreciated getting out to stretch his legs once more before bed and he & Teddy got to have a little more unscheduled play time as well.  They play so well together.  Lee is fine by the way, just a pinched nerve that should sort itself out with a little bed rest.

We stayed around Rambler’s Rest most of the day but did manage to pop out to Pets Supermarket with Teddy to pick up a few things.  He loves going to pet stores and meeting other dogs.  We found some new toys for him including a Jigsaw Glider puzzle toy.  The Jigsaw Glider dog puzzle has interlocking sliding covers that hide a total of four dog treat chambers. In order to “win” the dog puzzle game, dogs must first slide away the two outer covers to reveal one dog treat chamber on each side. The center puzzle panel can then slide back and forth, revealing two more hidden dog treat chambers. It is keeping him thoroughly amused so far.

Jigsaw Glider

A couple of more birding photos from Venice Rookery today as well.  I’m slowly getting through all the shots I took on my two trips to the rookery this week.  Hoping to go back for one more look on Monday morning before we head up to the Tiffin rally at Sarasota fairgrounds beginning next Thursday.

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  1. Marsha February 26, 2012 at 7:45 am #

    Jigsaw puzzle for dogs? Now that is a new one for me. ~wheresweaver